Daily B.S. 7/16/07

I remember this clip from Roland Powell’s “Dat Boy Funny” DVD a few years back. It starts off slow but gets mad funny. Dude is def funny as hell, check out some of his clips on youtube. And now the nuwz:

Shooting victim Keda, Remy Martin’s former friend speaks on shooting. Props to Big Homie for the myspace link.

Sha Money XL talks about leaving G-Unit, finding peace, and videos games at

Pics of Lauryn Hill looking
crackish over at Bossip

iPhones & Churches Pt. 2
segment over at illdoctrine for you dudes that aint check it out!

4 Robbers dressed up like NYPD trying to get YO on the Map

Murder is the case that they gave them.

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