Tool Muziq – Pastor Troy

Tool Muziq

01. Tool Muziq
02. Saddam
03. That’s the Move
04. I’m F*cked Up
05. Wanting You Feat. Gangsta Boo
06. Belt
07. No Money
08. Hard for the Money
09. Digital
10. In My Truck with Me Feat. Sammy Sam
11. Still Looking
12. I’m Down
13. Hey Mama
14. Will He Come Home Tonight

Pastor Troy is a rapper from Atlanta. He had a taste of mainstream success with his track Are we Cuttin which was produced by Timbaland for the Vin Disel movie “XXX”. Not knowing much about this artist I did a little research and learned that he has a large following in the South, Atlanta especially being that it’s his hometown. When Southerners speak of the Crunk genre the Pastor or PT Cruiser’s name will certainly have to be mentioned.

There was a feud in 1999 with then Southern rap genius Master P. He has appeared on the albums of Lil Jon, Ludacris, Lil Flip, and David Banner and has been shouted out by Kanye West on more than one track. With his latest release Tool Muziq there was a bit of controversy. The original name of Tool Muziq was Saddam Hussein which he goes on to explain “ – was just a metaphor for how I was comin’ back for my shit, hostile takeover-style.” Unfortunately for him, major chain stores refused to carry the album with the tyrant inspired title.

Tool Muziq is crunk, crunk and more crunk. This chorus from That’s the move exemplifies the album- “Got bitches – that’s the move nigger/ riding strapped- that’s the move nigger/getting money- that’s the move nigger/ selling dope- that’s the move nigger/ got bitches- that’s the move nigger/ got Prada- that’s the move nigger.” Am I going to address every track, no. There’s no point when a large part of the album is just crunk. It doesn’t make for a bad album, just not listenable if you’re from anywhere other than the South.

For the beef-mongers out there I heard what I thought were some pot shots at his fellow Atlanta brethren. On the intro to In my Truck he takes a stab at Young Joc referring to him as “Marques Houston Young Joc” and then lets out a hearty laugh. In my Truck he raps “I’m the only king around this goddamn castle/ the king/ did I say king/ I mean the champ” which sounds to me like a challenge to T.I.’s self-appointed status as King of the South being that T.I. is also from the A. With Pastor in his name I thought there would be more focus on something of substance. That doesn’t come until the end of the album with Hey Mama. He uses the beat from Tupac’s posthumously released Until the end of the time, which results in the best song on the album. Pastor Troy is writing this as if he were in jail rapping to his mother.

The collabos on the joint are light other than relative unknowns 2Dolla, Mr. Mudd, and the mildly familiar Gangsta Boo (former member of Three 6 Mafia) and the most entertaining “rapper” of the moment Fabo of D4L. Tool Muziq isn’t doing anything that you haven’t heard before. This would be entertaining if I went to the club to fight, but I don’t. I expected more from an artist with such a large following in Atlanta. This seems to be the lyrical norm in this region of the States. But if Thuggin’ and Crunkin’ is what they consider to be high standards within the rap world, I’m speechless. Download Hey Mama and chuck the rest. Mathis…

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