Daily B.S. 7/2/07

Your boy got a case of the mondays. Wouldn’t be right without this clip from Office Space. Trying to get myself in party mode (meaning prepare the body to drink copius amounts of hard liquor. Birthday shouts go out to all my fellow Cancerians. Some include 50 Cent, George W. Bush, and Bill Cosby. Heres a list of more fly and flashy Cancers. And now the nuwz:

So the disappointing T.I. Vs T.I.P. comes out tomorrow (review will also land) and SOHH is doing full week coverage on the “King”.

Your boy Kanye performing at the Princess Diana tribute. Funny thing is he performed Gold Digger…Heres some pics from the show.

My homey and super producer B-Money interviewed by the Village Voice about Hip Hop life in the Far East.

Dude Tony Thompson from the group Hi Five died from huffing freon (smh). That crazy sh*t better not make it to NYC, bad enough we calling fronts grills…

Boosie and Webbie professing there love like Baby and Wayne…Bullet Bullet!!!

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  1. Hvn's Girl aka D Says:
    July 2nd, 2007 at 5:08 pm

    amm…you forgot this fly and flashy cancer….MYSELF, self- gratuitous shout out goes here “___” ;)

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