Leak of The Week – Mickey Factz:
Back To The Future, Flashback Vol. 1

Mickey Factz: Back To The Future

My dude over at Eflat sent me this new mixtape from rapper Mickey Factz. His new mixtape Back To The Future is filled with punch lines, and clever wordplay. But this isn’t a review, it’s a leak. And I know your use to the cover….but I’m waiting on it but this pic is fire. So download it and leave comments to let me know what’s up.

Just found a link of the photo shoot for the cover Read the rest of this entry »

Finding Forever – Common

Finding 4ever

01. Intro
02. Start the Show
03. The People
04. Drivin’ Me Wild Feat. Lily Allen
05. I Want You Feat. Will.I.Am
06. Southside Feat. Kanye West
07. The Game
08. Black Maybe Feat. Bilal
09. So Far to Go Feat. D’ Angelo
10. Break My Heart
11. Misunderstood
12. Forever Begins
13. Play Your Cards Right Feat. Bilal (UK Release)

Common or Common Sense’s first album was released in 1992. Being a genuine MC Common could have released an album every year since 1992 but like fast food and Thanksgiving dinner, you’d rather wait for the feast. A feast is what describes Common’s music best . The goings-on in the hood, politics, relationships with family & the opposite sex, social injustices and empowerment of self are some of the themes and subjects addressed on a Common album. The term “thought provoking” is often over-used but for an artist of Common’s caliber it’s a dead-on description. Read the rest of this entry »

re:VERSal – “Take It In Blood” NaS

Take It In Blood

In the summer of 96′ no emcee held that title truer to me than Nasir Jones. It Was Written to me was his most critical piece ever forged. NaS had to remain true to his lyrical content while adapting to new production styles artists such as the Notorious B.I.G. and others made famous during his short hiatus. The ever well known sophomore jinx was also another monkey on his back. From beginning to end the album was filled with stories, metaphors and bravado crowning NaS the King in my mind. The album was so flawless at the time it overshadowed a new comers Reasonable Doubt until someone passed it to me in the fall. Take It In Blood is one NaS illest tracks by far. Every line is seamless and full of confidence only a real Emcee can fabricate. Read the rest of this entry »

New Fashion Hurtz Commercial

Directed by Mathis of Level Eye Filmworks, also the new website launched last week.

Kanye Just Might Crush Curtis

Kanye Screw Face

Kanye is shaking the right hands and kissing the babies on his campaign to dethrone 50 indirectly. Heres an interview with DJ Semtex on 1 xtra. Ye’ speaks on the album, taking over the game by next year….Curtis be afraid, be very afraid. Read the rest of this entry »

Master P – Sean Price

Sean Master P

01. 6 Dollar Man
02. M.A.S.T.E.R. P Feat. Aggallah
03. BCCC (Frankenstein)
04. The Huckabuck
05. All I know Feat. Jozeemo
06. One Question Feat. Ruste Juxx
07. Long Fifth Goodnight
08. Jackass II Feat. Flood
09. Get It Together Feat. Diamond D
10. Connect 4 Feat. Casual
11. Knock Em Out the Box
12. Legbreakers Feat. Big Shug
13. Jamaican
14. Fish
15. Good Fellaz Feat. Sayez
16. Rotten Apple Remix Feat. Prodigy
17. What’s the deal Feat. A-Rob
18. Psycho Ward

Sean Price comes to the rescue just in time for the mid summer music blues. Master P isn’t an album but a compilation of tracks recorded before, during, and after his debut solo effort. Since the summer has only released lack luster efforts the Duck Down emcee might bring something worthy. Read the rest of this entry »

Daily B.S. 7/27/07

Here’s Chamillionaires new video for his first single Hip Hop Police courtesy of OnSmash. Looks he’s following formula songs by going the police route a second time around. Dunno if this ones gonna ring bells but only time will tell….and now the nuwz:

Here a second video for Cham called Evening News.

Amada Diva replaces the english chick from Floetry…wtf?!?!?!

Ghostface speaks on the Magic Pussy…and kissing that Poo Poo.

Illdoctrine speaks on the BET show Hot Ghetto Mess

Everyone needs to Simpsonize them self immediately…Props to R. Kelly’s Lawyer

A young dude from merry ol’ England just got life for his knife work

If you see a 50, I’m P*ssy!!!

Boosie Bad Azz needs his own show on MTV. Three 6 Mafia aint got sh*t on this dude at all. Here are some Youtube clips for his DVD that came out last year. Straight comedy!!!
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Mos Killin’ It Off The Head

Here Mos Def killin it in a clip from the documentary Freestyle: The Art of Rhyme. This shows you what a true Emcee is to the fullest. Can’t wait for the Black August Hip Hop Project 10th Aniversary next month. I know that my dude Dallas is there with me. Sh*t’s gonna be crazy!!!

Daily B.S. 7/26/07

Mos’ Travelin Man Video featuring DJ Honda did’nt really get much buzz back in the day but its a good song. This is from the Mos Definite EP in stores now. And now the nuwz:

Brooklyn O.G. Calvin Klein airing out Jay-Z on Kayslay Street Sweeper Radio. I know Drama King loving this!

Lox finally signing to Hov…Won’t make a difference though.

Camden NJ Police are threatening to withdraw support from Swizz at a peace rally over “It’s Me Snitches”…any genius could’ve figured out he just replaced it for B******.

Peep Deelishis’ debut video Rumpshaker.

A few days late but funny. Just Blaze goes in on Michael Vick for his “dog behavior”.