Another Rapper Takes The Plunge…Literally!

Ya Dig!!!

Lil’ Wayne speaks on albums leaks, his relationship status and more random shit. He’s clearly high and rambling…and oh yea Carter 3 aint droppin’ this year. Ya Dig!

Daily B.S. 7/25/07

25 second preview of the video “Stronger”.

Our dude Dallas hit up the Brooklyn Bodega Festival and got some flicks and videos of the show.

Watch how dude gets ripped to shreds by Iron Solomon

Get ready, the loooooong awaited 2nd LP from Lauryn Hill maybe on it’s way. Read here

Chaka Zulu, “Guard Your Grill”. What you did that, T.I.

Chicago wants to be Gay! Hey Kanye!!! Read more

Foxy got that ass whupped and robbed! Brooklyn Beef, who want that…

Millions say, screw a bank account, I’ll keep it under my bed. It’s true!

New Zealand authorities won’t let a couple name their son “4real”. I know it sounds funny but it sadly true, read the rest of the story.

Leak of The Week – Saigon & Scram Jones: Belly of The Beast

Saigon Scram

Fresh off the www is the new Saigon mixtape hosted and produced by Scram Jones. Belly of The Beast has some goodies that are old and new on here. This is a good mixtape for a new fan as well as an old one. Grad if fo’ they pull down the link… Read the rest of this entry »