I Am – Chrisette Michelle


01. Like A Dream
02. Work It Out
03. Best Of Me
04. Your Joy
05. Good Girl
06. Be Ok Feat. Will.I.Am
07. If I Have My Way
08. Mr. Radio
09. Golden
10. Let’s Rock
11. Love Is You
12. In This For You
13. Is This The Way Love Feels

Genius… If released in 1997 not 2007.

Once upon a time in the mid to late nineties an alleged new form of music was released upon the masses. It was ushered in by artists like Erykah Badu, Maxwell, D’angelo, and Jill Scott to name a few. The genre in question is “Neo-Soul.” You remember it was one of those lame ninety’s terms like “Ebonics”. It was used to describe the new soul music and it’s artist with their afro-centric garb, earthy lyrics, and lack of misogynism (which still seems to dominate every popular form of Urban i.e. Black music today). For 2007 we have a new entry into this genre, Chrisette Michelle. Comparatively she’s in the same vein as the Jill Scotts and Corrine Bailey Raes of the world. She has had features on both NaS and Jay-Z’s latest albums. Read the rest of this entry »

From Me To You – Crunchy Black

Crunchy Black

01. Do Da Crunchy Black
02. Catch Up with Your Kind
03. 3 Different Kinds of Weed
04. Black on Black
05. Snitchin’ Azz B*******
06. Twin 45′s
07. Catch That Cut
08. I Play B*******
09. Let’s Plan a Robbery
10. Let It Be Known
11. Suck on the Straw
12. Let It Be Known
13. Catch That Cut
14. I Play B*******
15. Let’s Plan a Robbery
16. Black on Black

Why’d I waste my time?

I wanted to review this album so bad figuring that it would be easy to review. I thought I could just call it trash and keep it moving. Let’s be serious, it is “Crunchy Black.” He’s had a hand in Oscar winners Three 6 Mafia’s hit’s like “Slob on my knob” and the ubiquitous “Stay Fly”, but was always the weakest link of the crew. His solo album came as no surprise. You win an Oscar as a group; why not drop a solo album. Because with song titles like Let’s Plan A Robbery, Suck On The Straw (which features Three Six Mafia chanting {“Eat a nigga dick, eat a nigga dick…”) and Do Da Crunchy Black, it’s clearly not for artistic expression, it’s for the money. Read the rest of this entry »

Leak of The Week – N.O.R.E.: Cocaine on Steroids

Leak Nore
My dude N.O.’s back again with another mixtape with Green Lantern. This one is fire and I’m def thinking my dude Nore left that reggaeton alone hoorah. Neway enough of me talking shite…enjoy!
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If He Did It…Riiight

Simpson Glove

My dude Mel sen’t me a pdf of dude OJ’s book. Dude is the realest…he beat the case and then tried to capitalize with his book titled “If I did it”. Heres an excerpt for you:

“I’m going to tell you a story you’ve never heard before, because no one knows this story the way I know it. It takes place on the night June 12, 1994, and it concerns the murder of my ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her young friend, Ronald Goldman. I want you to forget everything you think you know about that night because I know the facts better than anyone. I know the players. I’ve seen the evidence. I’ve heard the theories. And, of course, I’ve read all the stories: That I did it. That I did it but I don’t know I did it. That I can no longer tell fact from fiction. That I wake up in the middle of the night, consumed by guilt, screaming.”

O.J. Simpson: “If I Did It”

Daily B.S. 6/22/07

Here’s my dude Paul Mooney raining fire down on Oprah (The Hip Hop Hater).He better watch out if the people over at chappelle theory conspiracies are right. He also speaks on his love for Hip Hop and politics. Definitely worth a watch. Ive been slacking this week but my dude Rafi over at ohword gave me inspiration and pointers. Next week we’ll be harder, better, faster, stronger. And now the nuwz:

Suge Knight crib is up for sale, whose buying?!?!?

Max B. will finally be release in a few weeks. He talks to Allhiphop about his incarceration, the passing of Stack Bundles, and making peace with Capo.

Ghostface talks to Sohh about Wu-Tang album reunion.

What the f*ck is a happy slap. I dunno but some dude got it and is taking a dirt nap. // Here’s the happy slap

T.I.P. must be staring at “chandelier ceilings high as fuck”. Cause he got rejected for a crib he was trying to cop. Racisim still alive, they just be concealing it.

Peep the trailer for the Simpsons Movie…I’m not moved.