Mos Definite (Import) – Mos Def


01. Excellence
02. Hard Margin Feat. Talib Kweli
03. Summertime
04. I’ve Committed Murder Feat. Guru
05. Beef
06. What’s That
07. World Famous
08. Jump Off Feat. Ludacris
09. Free Flowin’ Feat. Talib Kweli
10. Travllin Man
11. Non Stop
12. Monster Music Feat. Cassidy
13. Make It All Better Feat. Talib Kweli
14. Pornographic
15. Outro

Mos Def is the main reason I still have faith in Hip Hop music. The word artist is truly used when it comes to Dante Smith. His last LP Tru3 Magic was a masterpiece givin listeners all the elements Black Dante’s known for. Mos Definite is a compilation of unreleased tracks that ended up on the cutting room floor. An album or mixtape from a true emcee is always welcome. Will I purchase this one though…no.

The reason why I wouldn’t hit for Mos Definite is pretty simple. Some of the songs on the album are incredibly creative and some clearly show why they didn’t make any solo efforts. This is probably why this is only an import and not being released in the United States. None the less there are some gems on this one.

“Excellence” has Mos in cruise control. Rhyming confidently over kicks and snares he spits lyrical venom. On “Hard Margin” Talib takes away from the feel of the first track and I lose momentum. Whether or not this album comes out here they need to shoot a video for “Summer time”. I could close my eyes and see every pictures Mos paints. Gotta bump this at a backyard bashment.

Guru of Ganstarr provides the beat for “I’ve commited a murder”. This Bonnie and Clyde tale has Macy Gray serving as Mos’ lady. Only Mos could combine all three and make this hot. Ludacris spits his usual on “The Jump Off” but the beat is suspect so I’m not moved. “Free Flowing” is strictly for Black star lovers. If you hate back rap then skip this.

“Traveling Man” has Mos back in his zone. He even uses Beenie Mans lyrics on this one for the hook. Mos takes B.I.G.’s “Who Shot” beat for “Non Stop”. For some unknown reason Swizz Beatz and Cassidy makes there way on here with “Monster Music”. Mos did his thing but who thought this would be a good idea. “Make it all better” is worth a listen but not one of my faves. “Pornographic” is Mos touching on several subject seamlessly. Moans from a woman accompany the beat making it a interesting listen.

There are some songs on Mos Definite that I dig and some that I’d pass on. At times I find myself loving certain parts of it then I’ll be throw of course. If you like Mos Def it’s worth a listen. I just can drop my own fetti for this one. Maybe one of ya’ll can pick me up a copy.

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  1. samax Says:
    November 6th, 2007 at 8:05 pm

    “Mos Def is the main reason I still have faith in Hip Hop music”
    me too…

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