Ear Drum – Talib Kweli

Ear Drum Cover

01. Everything Man
02. NY Weather Report
03. Hostile Gospel
04. Say Something Feat. Jean Grae
05. Country Cousins Feat. UGK
06. Holy Moly
07. Eat To Live
08. In The Mood
09. Soon A New Day Feat. Norah Jones
10. Electrify
11. Hell
12. More Or Less Feat. Dion
13. The Perfect Beat Feat. KRS-One
14. Hot Thing
15. Oh My Stars Feat. Raheem DeVaughn
16. Listen!!!

Talib Kweli helped pioneer a movement in Hip Hop not too long ago. When Cristal, Furs, and Mafioso ruled supreme a small label came to bring the Rawkus. One of the artists of that label was Kweli. One half of the group Blackstar, Kweli held his own establishing himself as one of the best when it came to Hip Hop in its purest form. Throughout his career though the critics usually gave him the “but” factor. Talib is strong lyrically but disappoints with lackluster singles. He has memorable punchlines but tries to fit too many words into one bar.

Even though his wordplay was there, confidence didn’t always shine through. His first solo album Quality helped solidify himself as a solo artist. With production from Kanye West, DJ Quik, and Hi-Tek the first time around was a cake walk. His sophomore effort “The Beautiful Struggle”was plagued with too many problems. Label problems, re-recording of songs to please the masses, and other issues made the title seem more like the struggle.

His third time around has Talib at a new home. The fuckery is the same problems have followed him here. His album has been pushed back nearly a year and he has changed up the track listing a few times. Its fucked up though cause I dig Talib. Once again I have to reminisce and bump Quality.

Eardrum has so many holes through out. I get the feeling that subconciously Talib steps up when a challenge (feature artist or big producer) is presented to him. Out of the 16 tracks I only dig 6 of em’. I tried to bump this album several times over. I wanted to love this LP simply because we need more emcees like Kweli. I wont dog out the tracks I don’t like, i’ll just talk about the ones I dig.

“Hostile Gospel” opened my ears to the album two tracks in. He flows freely while the piano and drums accompany a choir laying background vocals. Kanye delivers on the track “In The Mood”. It’s clear when these two get in the studio they make magic easily. Talib takes a subliminal shot in the beginning of “Hell”. This track is vintage Talib, part emcee..part prophet. “More or Less” is more of the same but the subject matter differs. This song is definitely worth a listen…or 10. KRS-1 forces Talib to step his sh*t up on “The Perfect Beat”. Every time I hear Chris rap I wanna learn more of his material I shunned as an ignorant child. Both Emcees did there thing on this one.
“Listen” was the first single before that album got pushed back. Track was fire then and still is now. Once again I felt let down by Talib. I know he’s a great emcee. I’ve heard all the mixtapes and seen the freestyles. When its time to go to bat for dolo dude strikes out. News of his album and Pharoahes leaking on the net have emerged. Only difference is I’m picking up Monch’s and not his.

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  1. NativeAmericanIndianX Says:
    June 13th, 2007 at 6:43 pm

    Not much of a fan but hey “do dat thing” is what i say. I’m sure he has a kid or two and i’m sure they gotta eat as the sayin goes.

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