Daily B.S. 6/10/07

Underground Murders

Took this pic cruising through the Stuy yesterday. It’s a mural called “Underground Murders” with names of people who were killed in the neighborhood. Just goes to show you how sad shit is cause all of this could’ve been resolved with words…Click image to enlarge pic. And now the nuwz:

So Zab made the Puerto Ricans happy bylosing to Cotto Saturday night. At least he aint do the Harlem Shake this time around.

Paris Hilton going crazy in the big house. Karma’s a mother fucker!

Phil Leotardo got one in the head and Tony’s still the Boss.

USA had plans on dropping a Gay Bomb on the Ghanis.

Serena Williams showing off her bootay on the beach with dude from “ATL”.

“In The House” star Maia Campbell is crackish and on the run. More at AOL

Ear Drum – Talib Kweli

Ear Drum Cover

01. Everything Man
02. NY Weather Report
03. Hostile Gospel
04. Say Something Feat. Jean Grae
05. Country Cousins Feat. UGK
06. Holy Moly
07. Eat To Live
08. In The Mood
09. Soon A New Day Feat. Norah Jones
10. Electrify
11. Hell
12. More Or Less Feat. Dion
13. The Perfect Beat Feat. KRS-One
14. Hot Thing
15. Oh My Stars Feat. Raheem DeVaughn
16. Listen!!!

Talib Kweli helped pioneer a movement in Hip Hop not too long ago. When Cristal, Furs, and Mafioso ruled supreme a small label came to bring the Rawkus. One of the artists of that label was Kweli. One half of the group Blackstar, Kweli held his own establishing himself as one of the best when it came to Hip Hop in its purest form. Throughout his career though the critics usually gave him the “but” factor. Talib is strong lyrically but disappoints with lackluster singles. He has memorable punchlines but tries to fit too many words into one bar. Read the rest of this entry »