Damn Fool: Uncle Murda Speaks

Uncle Murda speaks on his incident last night. He admits he fronted like he had a ratchet on him. Now I don’t think it was wise to front like he had a gun cause he could’ve lost his life. These dudes need to stop because the most they’d get is a blog mention that they died….

Leak of The Week 2 – Mazaradi Fox: Fresh Out Da Body Shop


I’m the type of dude that needs lyrical ignorance and violence to work. This dude holds the crown in my head at the moment. Mazaradi Fox is the newest addition to the Unit. This Cd hosted by Whoo Kid has dude killing more people than the Holocaust. Big up all my dudes in South Side. Dumbout!!!!!!!
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I Am Legend…..to Bumboclaat!

Will Smith starts in his new action flick titled “I Am Legend”. Trailer looks hot…as my dude will say: First Day!

Daily B.S. 6/8/07

Jail Bird

This picture is worth a thousand words. Usually I wouldn’t want anyone to go to jail but I gotta make an exception for this. This bird been chirping for too long doing all types of bullshit. I couldn’t believe when I heard they let her go for “insanity” and being sick. Dudes get reared ended all day and have to “Ride” it out. Bitch Please…serve your time, and go back to being a jumpoff. And now the nuwz:

Uncle Murda got punched in the face by one of Pap’s peeps. Guess he aint have no Bullets Bullets!!!

Eve to perform at the Puerto Rican Day parade…it’s like shes a new artist all over cause I KNO she aint really wanna go.

NYC trying to catch back up to Philly with a murder spree last night. One was an 18 year old midget….damn, as if his life wasn’t hard enough.

Funny Sh*t: Will Farrel skit with his daughter as “The Landlord”

Leak of The Week 1 – The Empire & Lil’ Wayne: The Drought is Over 2

Drought Over 2

Now I for one DO NOT see the hype around Lil’ Wayne being this “Lyrical Monster. I for one think of him like watching the special Olympics. It’s good based on the competition and his disability. But I know some of you out there actually give this guy some credit. Heres his new CD for you guys to praise more Homo Sexual rap. Don’t believe me, here’s one of his lines…”Laid Back watching Broke Back (Nullus) Enjoy
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Bizzy Bone on working with Beyonce

No need to set you up…just watch!

Pastor Betha Preaching

Now I never had anything bad to say about Ma$e. Notice I kept the dollar sign there. This dude came back trying to reclaim the fame and finances of the world. The first time back around it didn’t go so well. He now has invoked the spirit of the Devil truly rapping about all types of Devil tings. Heres a video of Pastor Betha preaching…..guess that church money aint’ as right as we thought. Dude really aint shit (smh) Read the rest of this entry »