Young Jeezy Presents U.S.D.A. – Cold Summer


01. Focus
02. White Girl
03. Get It Up
04. Check
05. Corporate Thuggin’
06. Throw This Money
07. Pam
08. Quickie
09. Live My Life
10. Ride Tonight
11. What It Is
12. I Keep Tellin’ Myself
13. Respect Da Shield
14. Go Getta Remix

Jeezy has been on a roll for the last two years. The multi platinum emcee has solidified himself in rap with two classic pyrex pot influenced CD’s. I guess he felt it was time to showcase his cabinet. The group U.S.D.A. is composed of Jeezy, Slick Pulla, and Blood Raw. The Trio continue the CTE formula spitting tales of Making It Rain in strip clubs, selling that white, and stacking that fetti. The first single “White Girl” is clearly Jeezy formula all the way. Definitely the best choice for a lead single. The album falls short throughout the disc fir various reasons. The production isn’t the same level as Jeezy’s which makes it hard to be engulfed the way a fan would be used to. Another flaw is the swagger jacking. Eventhough Jeezy’s flow is the same on all tracks its his own. Raw and Slick try to borrow certain elements from the snowman which don’t fit. Standout songs like “Pam” and “Check” pick up the pace when you lose interest. Blood Raw has promise to be an interesting peesonality. Slick Pulla has a way to go when it comes to being a star. The group did say this is only a “mixtape” so this isn’t USDA in full mode. Maybe there is hope, until then i’ll just cop this from my dude with the briefcase full of rollies.

2 Responses to “Young Jeezy Presents U.S.D.A. – Cold Summer”

  1. NativeAmericaIndianX Says:
    June 3rd, 2007 at 10:56 pm

    I wanna see these three dudes battle T.I. in a handicap match.*I bet whatever’s in my pocket on T.I.

    *all i have is a baseball size piece of lent in my pocket and a sharpie so i can tag up

  2. marc Says:
    September 17th, 2007 at 11:48 am

    i think this album should have more song but i love the cd im enjoyin it..

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