Trill Entertainment Presents: Trill Fam

Trill Fam

01. Say Round
02. Do It Stick It 3 Deep
03. Wipe Me Down
04. Adios
05. Politician Networkin Big Head
06. Same Old S**t Lil Boosie
07. Materialistic B***h Shell
08. Swangin Lil Boosie
09. Watch My Shoes 3 Deep
10. U Got Cake
11. Bout Dat
12. Leave the Tags On
13. Thug Me Like That Lil Boosie
14. Got Me Bent
15. Wipe Me Down

When I first heard I was invited to the listening session for the Trill Album I was excited. Artists from the South seem to have more fun with the music. Even though the music comes off primal at times I give them the benefit of the doubt. Boosie Bad Azz walks in with Foxx A Million wearing what looks like costume jewelry. Clearly high from the Skama they greet the press and take there seats. Images of the Trill Ent. posse change on the monitor in the conference room. A photo brightens Boosies day when he sees a press shot with all his ice on. “You see me shining” he says to Foxx and the two continue to watch the screen. Webbie aka “Savage Life” walks in wearing Mr. T worthy junk jewelry and greets everyone. Clearly the outspoke of the bunch (but not that much more articulate) Webbie is the spokesman for the trio. “From The Mud to a 1,000″ he proclaims speaking on his humble beginnings. At times I was left baffled at the point Webbie was trying to get across. The compilation features the trio and group 3 Deep. In house producer Mouse and Bruce Rome lay all the beats for the LP. All in all the production held up its end of the bargain. Lyrically your not gonna find any jewels, metaphors, or thought provoking bars here. What you will find is ignorance and fun. The lead single “Wipe Me Down” shows the strength of the LP. An up tempo club banger thats full of floss, sexism, and coonery. Fillers like “Materialistic Bitch”, “Adios”, “Leave The Tags On”, and “Sticky” makes you go back to “Wipe Me Down”. The album has a few tracks that if promoted right could propel the album to decent sales. At the end of the day though I am not a drone so the cant get my $12.99 so easily. I rather hit limewire and download just the single.

2 Responses to “Trill Entertainment Presents: Trill Fam”

  1. Mathis Says:
    June 2nd, 2007 at 1:29 pm

    Moron music.

  2. NativeAmericaIndianX Says:
    June 3rd, 2007 at 11:01 pm

    Nah man this is the hottest compitation since the My Lipgloss is Poppin/Aunt Jackie/Chicken Noodle Soup feat. JR Writer album whatever that means ha…ha…ha.

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