Tribeca Film Festival Wrap Party PMD Style!!!

So last night I went to the Tribeca Film Festivals Wrap Party with my dudes Young Truth and Super Director Ben Hadley. I went to wash away my sadness from my previous post. Throughout the night several epiphanys came to mind…..well not really, just things I already know but I wanted to share:

1. White People still can’t dance (except choreographers and Canadians by way of Toronto)
So my dude bet me 10 bucks to go on the dance floor. I began to bust my jig when I realized how hypnotized my feet were to the other side of the matrix. I just started to make sh*t up and they would copy me. I’m sure some were getting a good laugh, but I was laughing at the fact that some were trying to keep up when I was just making fun.

2. Racial Profiling still exists

Other than being asked by the doormen if I belonged there a French dude introduced himself at the bar. His name escapes me at the moment but he was telling me I needed to “Chill” and tried to talk slang cause frankly that’s all we know. I guzzled my first drink and kept it moving.

3. Malibu & Cranberry juice is the Shiiiit
Now I’m not into the nasty sips. I feel if I’m taking in something into my mouth it has to taste good (pause) and fuck me up. The bartender was boss, she was heavy handed like a mofo on all beverages….gotta send a shout to the Stoli crew also.

4. Michael Jackson & Prince Still Rule!!!
The deejay ran countless tracks from both Kings of Pop. That was the musical highlights for me
at the party. Nothing like “Billy Jeans” and “Kiss” to get the girls moving.

5. Insert the cool Black Guy with the Fro that acts like he’s not a brother here

So as we watched the vibe and seen we were clearly outnumbered since this wasn’t the Urban World awards we noticed him. Dude with the intentional super cool high fives and knew the words to every song I didn’t.

6. Asian Women will forever love Louis Vuitton
Couldn’t count how many bag were on the arms of my ladies from the far east. It was like they were all attached at the hip to the monogram.

7. Some women still use the low light to hide there fuckery features
This woman in a black dress kept eyeing Young Truth and on the dance floor she looked aight. This was not so on the trip to the bar for my fourth drink. As I was getting my Maibu and Cranberry she popped up. I say pop because her grill was half way out her mouth. Talk about Mr. Ed’s bastard child.

8. Ben called some White Dude a N*gga
Talk about some funny Don Imus reflux. Some song came on to some movie and I didn’t know where it was from. Dude said “Benny & June” and Ben shouted My Nigga!!!! Dude my think it’s cool now to bring that convo to the water cooler…don’t get fucked up trying to relate to Raheem.

9. Alcohol can bring drama….
Ben’s drunk ass spilled a drink on some dudes shoe. Y.T. then uttered to dude “You’re a bitch Ass Nigga, this is my dude Ben Hadley…Get to know him!!!”

10. …Or Solidarity
Last night the Stoli and Mailbu brought peace. Even though I lost my Shures and was down about the condom story the sweet swill took my probs away temporarily. I just cut the rug as if these were all my friends and we all chill with each other all the time.

11. “Skamah Makes You Sky High”
So says Young Truth….

All in all I had a great time (except losing my Shures….) and enjoyed some good company with my peoples. This post might have made no sense but it was funny to me. Pardon Me Duke

3 Responses to “Tribeca Film Festival Wrap Party PMD Style!!!”

  1. Mr. Happy 2 B Here! Says:
    May 4th, 2007 at 11:35 am

    Sounds like fun, I should have been there for the comedy!

  2. Beggar Says:
    May 4th, 2007 at 12:48 pm

    Where you at Trose!…

  3. Mathis Says:
    May 5th, 2007 at 6:45 am

    “Life is like a movie…”- Max B

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