Autografh – Grafh (Pre-Release)


01. Cold -n- Heartless
02. Blood Money
03. Hell Yeah
04. Yeah Right (I Don’t Believe That)
05. My Soul
06. Im My Mama’s Eyez
07. Lil’ Kenny Feat. M.Jay
08. Lonely Road
09. Dreams
10. I See Ya Feat. Bun B & Shalone
11. BlackOut
12. Tough Love Feat. Shalone
13. Outro

Grafh made a business move that really caught my eye and ear. He offered a pre-release of his album for limited download on his myspace for free. I’ve heard tracks from him for the past few yizzears and he’s dropped some jewels but this ploy made me take notice. I was suppose to post this review before Joell Ortiz’s piece but I was so on that Brooklyn bullshit that I didn’t want to be biased or unfair in this review. This will be Grafh’s debut to the mainstream masses and it has many strong point but there are flaws throughout. From beginning to end autografh’s filed with tales of suffering, violence, and reality checks. This album made me respect the emcee and no longer think of him as a mixtape artist. Lyrically, Grafh is better than 50 Cent. But where 50 loses to Grafh when it comes to wordplay, he loses to Fif in creating catchy hooks and picking instrumentals. This might be the one reason that Autografh may not crossover to the masses. Maybe that’s not what he wants but at the same time I can’t but think different when I hear songs like “Glow In The Dark” (Go to his myspace to hear). The intro track Cold N Heartless marries producer and lyricist in music matrimony. Grafh talks about a heart that been through the worst til’ theres no hope for redemption. On Hell Yea Grafh hold up his part of the bargain…verse wise. The production reminds is strong enough for a good filler but the hook makes you forget the good parts of the song. Yea Right is one my favorite tracks on Autografh. He sounds relaxed and finding his commercial zone while retaining his skill. Speaking on all the so called gangsters that talk the talk but don’t walk it (insert Cam here). My soul gives us an introspective view of the rapper. Painting pictures of poverty, the fast life, and an adolescent who eyes are wide open to the world and all the ills it brings. This track get heavy repeat on my ipizzle. Theres so many pictures painted through this song…just listen. In My Mommas Eyes is a filler. The beat was cool, the bars were there but again the hook lost me. Lyrically the pictures painted but the hook is like paint thinner. Lil’ Kenny is where Grafh gets his deepest. A tale of a young man becoming a father figure and brother to young boy who grew up in the struggle. As I close my eyes I can see the apartments, the pride in Grafh’s eyes to be that figure in his life. Its so vivid that I wish I could tell dude in person how ill this track is. Kudos to you my dude. Lonely Road is crack, point dot period. Here you have a lone wolf of the world. He has seen death, betrayal, poverty, and suffering. This is enough to make any man want to take his own life. But the same ill is the fuel to become the phoenix that rises from the ashes. You gotta turn the track up a the way when listening to it. Dreams sets off with fast paced drums and hi hats. A sped up sample accompanies Grafhs huff and puffs amping any listeners. Lyrically he bodies the beat. The only thing I can say I don’t dig is the sped up sample…its been done to death. I See Ya features Bun B and Shalone. This is clearly a filler for the fans from the dirty. Beats sounds similar to Hollywood on Kingdom Come. I don’t really care for this one at all. Black Out lacks the hook feature again. It sounds like a throwaway, like he wasnt married to the hook. There’s a few hot punchlines in this one for you to take a listen though. He closes out the album with Tough Love. Grafh gives you his life through vocals and tell you about the steps that got him though and where he is today. All in all I feel that Autografh can be a strong debut. To get over the humps we have to do take one, two, thre, or until we get it right. As of now I wouldn’t cop it if this was the official but I would drop some bread. hopefully there in the studio now perfecting what could be a musical masterpiece from a dude with a Blackhand. Fin

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  1. cashmere Says:
    May 3rd, 2007 at 2:52 pm

    you’re a racist. africans arent the only ones with bootlegs. i feel offended.
    :::crying harder:::

  2. Beggar Says:
    May 4th, 2007 at 1:24 pm

    That album cover sucks ass… so does his myspace page… Damn.

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