The Brick: Bodega Chronicles

Da Brick

01. 125th Part 1 (The Bio)
02. Brooklyn Remix Feat. Cashmere, Maino, Big Daddy Kane, Solomon
03. Caught Up
04. Night in My P’s Feat. Big Noyd
05. 125th Part 2 (Fresh Air)
06. Hip Hop
07. Modern Day Slavery Feat. Immortal Technique
08. 125th Part 3 (Connections) Feat. Ras Kass, Stimuli, Grafh, Gab Gotcha
09. B.Q.E. – Feat. Lord Black, Alex “BQE” Santiago
10. Block Royal
11. Latino Feat. La Bruja
12. Keep on Callin’ Feat. Akon
13. Time Is Money Feat. Styles P
14. Brooklyn B*******
15. 125th Part 4 (Finale)

I can’t front I was late to Joell Ortiz but my research and Eskay I sound like a day one fan now. Seems like this year true New York rappers are emerging. Sean Price, Consequence, and now Joell Ortiz. Dude came with lyrics period….and now he’s Aftermath. Once again it took someone outside of NYC to sign real talent, A&R’s here need to get fired. His Koch release “The Bodega Chronicles” captures the true New Yorker.

The albums open to 125th Part 1. Basically he’s trying to get us caught up with how he came in the game. He flows continuously without catching a breath from beginning to end of the beat. Brooklyn remix features several emcees from the thoroughest borough. Standout verses from Big Daddy Kane and surprisingly Maino. He fills his verse with controversy but it’s enjoyable. Caught Up has Joell showing the negative (real) side of hustling. No glorifying flipping birds here. He shows that its not all good and that real if you know abou that lifestyle. On Night in My P’s he revisits the sample Fat Joe used for his lead single on Don Cartegena. Closing my eyes and letting my Shure headphones fill my thoughts I can see the pissy elevators, sticks up, and fiends on this one. Big Noyd also comes through with a strong verse on this track. 125th Part 2 brings more of Joell’s attack flow on this one. Never letting up he paints any ghetto NYC vividly. Hip Hop is what i’ve been saying for the last two years. Anybody thats a real fan will feel every word on this one…I aint even gotta say no more. Modern Day Slavery features Immortal Technique on a soulful rhythm. Painting pictures of the gray side of life. 125th Part 3 resurrects Ras Kass on this one. He shines lyrically making The Game seem like a gimmick in comparison. Joell come thru right after keeping the pace with lyrics that can compete with Veterans of the game. Stimuli comes thru also…but the best thing smoking on this one is Grafh. Dudes verse cuts through like a crackhead getting high for the first time. Hottest line: “If I wanted a challenge I’d battle my poster“. BQE is a tale of Brooklyn and Queens. Joell talks about the different spots to get a table dance, club, chillax….cause Brooklyn and Queen is like Brother and Sister. Block Royal is tribute to stand up nuccas, concrete kings if you will. Latino pays homage to dudes heritage. I respect it cause the pictures painted well. Akon lends his voice to Keep On Callin while Joell speaks on the real and fake ones. Styles P The Ghost features on Time is Money. SP came off but Joell overshadows him clearly showing the hunger for that top spot. Brooklyn B******* helps us revisit the grimy pride we had being from the county of Kings back in the day. This track is straight gutter. J.O. closes the album out with 125th Part 4. He talks about his personal struggle, fumbles and failures. No matter what he says you can hear the truth in the lyrics and thats what Hip Hop is about. In closing this is what the game needs. I know we got lost somewhere between the million dollar deals, endorsements and such. I feel with releases like The Brick were finding our way back.

2 Responses to “The Brick: Bodega Chronicles”

  1. NativeAmericanIndianX Says:
    May 1st, 2007 at 7:07 am

    Its time to destroy and rebuild. I’m not upset about songs like da Mims joint i just hate that every rapper wants to make a song like that because thats all they’ll play on da radio. It looks like individuality and diversity might be making a comeback though(hesitant sigh of relief).

  2. Bullet bullet Says:
    May 2nd, 2007 at 10:43 am

    Yo this album id hot!… Brooklyn looks pretty good… Yo is it just me or he raps like a young redman carefree…

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