Waiting To Inhale – Devin The Dude


01. Boom I
02. She Want That Money Feat. Odd Squad
03. Almighty Dollar
04. Hope I Don’t Get Sick A Dis
05. What A Job Feat. Snoop Dogg & Andre 3000
06. Broccoli & Cheese
07. Boom II
08. She Useta Be
09. Lil’ Girl Gone Feat. Lil Wayne & Bun B
10. No Longer Needed Here Feat. GT
11. Just Because
12. Don’t Wanna Be Alone
13. Somebody Else’s Wife
14. Boom III
15. Cutcha Up
16. Nothin’ to Roll With
17. Til It’s All Gone Feat. Odd Squad

Hip Hop overall has been under fire for quite some time now. Recently we’ve come under alot of tension. Now they point to the misogynst, racist, homophobic and no snitching lyrics in rap to overshadow Don Imus’ racism. I am here to tell you not all Hip Hop is lost. Surprisingly Devin The Dude is one of the emcees still fighting to keep lyrical content as a priority in making a song. With his new album Devin dug deep into conceptualizing stories, word play, and the comedic styles we know him for. On Almighty Dollar he’ stalks about how our green backs have lost value over the years by taking a comedic look at it. On What a job Devin, Snoop, and Andre 3000 create an amalgam sound that sounds as if they’ve been rapping together for years. Lil’ Wayne shines through with his cameo on Lil’ Girl Gone while Bun B’s verse is more like a filler. On Cutcha Up he speaks to a plant of weed as if he was R. Kelly talking to a youngin. I could talk about every song on this CD and say something good. This is truly his best solo effort and it’s worth the 12.99 if you can drop it. The artwork is that bad to look at either (no pen and pixel graphics there). I’m glad to see there are still emcees releasing music that I can nod my head to without feeling like a poser trying to fit in. Definitely a cop!

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  1. Jay Says:
    April 26th, 2007 at 12:59 pm

    This album was surprisingly dope.

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