Pop a 40 and check your Rollies!!!

Once again I’ve found another way we set our selves back 40 years. I haven’t watched wrestling since the original Hulkamaniac days but I stumbled onto this Niggerdom. Hailing from Brookyn New York…heres CRYME TYME!!! Just listen to the slick fuckery the commentator says throughout. What The Fuck!!! Read the rest of this entry »

The Brick: Bodega Chronicles

Da Brick

01. 125th Part 1 (The Bio)
02. Brooklyn Remix Feat. Cashmere, Maino, Big Daddy Kane, Solomon
03. Caught Up
04. Night in My P’s Feat. Big Noyd
05. 125th Part 2 (Fresh Air)
06. Hip Hop
07. Modern Day Slavery Feat. Immortal Technique
08. 125th Part 3 (Connections) Feat. Ras Kass, Stimuli, Grafh, Gab Gotcha
09. B.Q.E. – Feat. Lord Black, Alex “BQE” Santiago
10. Block Royal
11. Latino Feat. La Bruja
12. Keep on Callin’ Feat. Akon
13. Time Is Money Feat. Styles P
14. Brooklyn B*******
15. 125th Part 4 (Finale)

I can’t front I was late to Joell Ortiz but my research and Eskay I sound like a day one fan now. Seems like this year true New York rappers are emerging. Sean Price, Consequence, and now Joell Ortiz. Dude came with lyrics period….and now he’s Aftermath. Once again it took someone outside of NYC to sign real talent, A&R’s here need to get fired. His Koch release “The Bodega Chronicles” captures the true New Yorker. Read the rest of this entry »

Joell Ortiz Live On The Cipha Sounds Effect

I fux with Joell Ortiz 100%. I feel more people need to stop trying to manipulate this culture. It’s at its weakest point now. Anywa enough of my bitching…enjoy

Daily B.S. 4/26/07

Vibe Beyonce
Mrs. Carter graces the June issue of Vibe looking so pringle worthy

So Sebastian got himself dropped from the Celtic’s.
I Guess the three strikes law applies to the NBA too:
1. Trying to sneak the gun on the plane in 2006, then
said it was his girl’s own
2. Being involved somehow with Fabolous’ shooting in 2006
3. Catching a gun charge in NYC

Mike Jones Denies sex tape allegations. Finally a rapper with morals

Al “Song and Dance” Sharpton speaks against the code of the streets on CNN

Killa Cam issues a rebuttal about his statements on 60 minutes more at AHH

Throwback Thursdays – “Bring The Pain” Method Man

Throwback Thursdays is Back!!!! This one is for my dude P Yae and all my Staten Islanders. This shit was fire when I was in High School and its still better than the shit out now. I can’t front I didn’t understand some of the lyrics…

Music Is Your Savior But You Still Wack Juice


01. Intro
02. It’s Alright
03. This Is Why I’m Hot
04. Like This
05. Without You
06. They Don’t Wanna Play Feat. Bun B, MIMS
07. Daddy
08. Sex & Pancakes
09. Big Black Train
10. Doctor Doctor
11. Superman
12. Where I Belong
13. Just Like That
14. Fresh
15. I Did You Wrong
16. This Is Why I’m Hot (Remix) Feat. Baby Cham, MIMS, Junior Reid
17. Don’t Cry (Outro)

When I first heard of MIMS I was on pure hate mode. Honestly i’m still on hate mode. I listened to Music Is My Savior several times to get some substance out of it. Trying my best to give him the benefit of a doubt. When you hear the album you can hear clearly that he didn’t just pick up a mic like Rich Boy. For this reason I have given him an illegal download rating. All this dude does is rap about nothing on purpose as if we consumers are drones who will bump literally anything. The production is on point from beginning to the end of the album so there’s no reason that a an emcee with talent wouldn’t get inspired. Like he said “I can sell a mill saying nothing on a track”….well I heard you only scanned 70,000 the first week. Like Cassie said you got a long way to go.

Waiting To Inhale – Devin The Dude


01. Boom I
02. She Want That Money Feat. Odd Squad
03. Almighty Dollar
04. Hope I Don’t Get Sick A Dis
05. What A Job Feat. Snoop Dogg & Andre 3000
06. Broccoli & Cheese
07. Boom II
08. She Useta Be
09. Lil’ Girl Gone Feat. Lil Wayne & Bun B
10. No Longer Needed Here Feat. GT
11. Just Because
12. Don’t Wanna Be Alone
13. Somebody Else’s Wife
14. Boom III
15. Cutcha Up
16. Nothin’ to Roll With
17. Til It’s All Gone Feat. Odd Squad

Hip Hop overall has been under fire for quite some time now. Recently we’ve come under alot of tension. Now they point to the misogynst, racist, homophobic and no snitching lyrics in rap to overshadow Don Imus’ racism. I am here to tell you not all Hip Hop is lost. Surprisingly Devin The Dude is one of the emcees still fighting to keep lyrical content as a priority in making a song. Read the rest of this entry »

Gazzy Bone Speaks…

Go Fatyouce!

What Took It So Long?


For the first time, the faces of students at the Turner County High School prom were both white and black. Don’t believe, read more here.