A Review Times 2!!! – Lloyd “Street Love” & Young Buck “Buck The World”

Buck Love

Artistry and skill has been replaced by copying/posing, self-aggrandizing father-less boys who on their first albums have the audacity to proclaim greatness; authenticity can be had by just disrespecting established artists/ former idols and making hand puppets (since when did everyone’s rap label become a gang). Pardon the social commentary, though I deemed it necessary. The ills of hip-hop aren’t more apparent than on the two albums that weren’t worthy of receiving a separate review.

Both artists while being in separate but similar genres are from the south; so you can expect the usual crunk, snap and pop sounds permeating these discs. The albums are sophomore efforts that excluding the lead singles being well put together, are virtually unable to be listened to, unless you are below the age of 16.

R&B “singer” (since when does having a feminine voice make you a qualified singer) Lloyd’s album Street Love (after Jaheim’s Ghetto Love I knew it was only a matter of time before we would be graced with a Street Love album or song from someone) is more of the same run of the mill urban pop albums that doesn’t speak on anything that Pretty Ricky, Chris Brown, Omarion, Marques Houston, Ciara etc. haven’t touched on. The album features Lloyd “singing” over mish-mash crunk, snap music, pseudo-Neptune’s, and Prince inspired songs. I did pick up on how much Lloyd sounds like Michael Jackson on this album. If he’s been studying the King of Pop, study harder because I’m sure not every young woman wants to be sexed up by an unfaithful, profanity-spewing thug. One of the few bright spots are the Rap guests appearances which include three of the best doing it today Andre 3000, Nas, and Lil Wayne (I’m on the fence about Lil Wayne). The lead single You which uses a Spandeau Ballet sample from the song True is indicative of the album as the production outshines the artist. Like most albums the production here overshadows the lyrics and performance pieces and that’s not saying much here. If Lloyd focused a bit more on being an individual creatively, he could possibly be of some relevance to the R&B genre.

Young Buck is the G-Unit Clean Up man, and according to the track of the same name it means that when situations get thick he’s the man to call. With The Unit slumping as of late, the question is does he deliver. His first album was under rated but, still was able to cross him over to pop audiences (that and his constant making the news) The first single on Buck the World is the trumpet thumping Get Buck pushes the instrument to it’s crunktastical limits. Making it rain, ducking the law/white man, pimpin’ big booty hoes, shooting at the imaginary enemies, wearing gold teeth, must I continue nothing new here at all. The usual G-Unit people show up with singing his heart out on Hold On. Production is crunk, snap, Three 6 Mafia inspired beats that’ll definitely bump. There are some West Coast influences with Snoop making a guest appearance on one of the more listenable tracks on the album (I ain’t Fucking with You) as well as Kokane doing his best Roger Troutman/Nate Dogg impression. Buck offers the obligatory South posse cut with TI, Young Jeezy, and Pimp C which sounds like a filler track and the Jazze Pha produced I know You Want Me just seems forced. Young Buck has a lot of potential, but unless he leaves the formula alone he won’t get too far. Pull a Pac Buck we’d actually believe you, think “Brenda’s Got a Baby” or Buck The World is chock full of personality but devoid of substance.

The tattoo, braided, pot-smokin’, South represent are only cogs in the corporate machine looking to make money, which is apparent on these albums. Download the singles and their remix’s (there’s no remix for Young Buck’s “Get Buck” at the time of this review though I’m sure there will be one on the way soon).

2 Responses to “A Review Times 2!!! – Lloyd “Street Love” & Young Buck “Buck The World””

  1. R. Kelly's lawyer Says:
    March 19th, 2007 at 9:15 am

    Im sure even listening to these two albums is tough on the ears.

    Young Lloyd Buck will never make it to my ipod.

    Death to Braided-Haired artist!

  2. NativeAmericanIndianX Says:
    March 20th, 2007 at 6:49 am

    Hey wait a minute Stevie Wonder HAD braids (and Stevie Wonder’s a musical genius) but so does Mr. “Baaallin” and Tru Puerto Rican, but Stevie’s probably about to go soon anyway so i guess your right…DIE MOTHAFUCKA, DIE MOTHAFUCKA DIE!

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