Free Agents: The Pimp, The Hustler, The Gun

Free Agents

1. Intro Hosted By Mega Skillz
2. Ain’t No Party (Snippet) Feat. Angel Demar
3. So So Def Sun N.Y.
4. You Niggas Know
5. Bad Girl Feat. Black Buddafly
6. Tracknologist Productions
7. I’m Ready Feat. Young Kolb
8. What You Wanna Do Feat. Tupac
9. we Ain’t Hidin’ Feat. Swanny Riverz
10. Mellie Mel Drop
11. Watch What You Say Feat. The Cartel
12. Blow Feat. Angel
13. Fresh 2 Def
14. Sittin On 23′s
15. Let Me Find Out Feat. SunN.Y.
16. As I Ride
17. Trouble Man Feat. Chucky Boy
18. Foolishness
19. Under Pressure Feat. Jay City
20. Emotions Feat. Trig & Marzel
21. Outro Feat. DJ Mega Skillz

As I was chillin’ doing my normals, I got a package in the mail. The package had 2 cds and some flyers promoting this group called Free Agents from Delaware. Even though there is no rappers signed from Delaware there are some rappers doing their thing. The Free Agents are comprised of three members Young Kolb, Chucky Boy, and T.R.I.G. all representing the northern part of DE. To find out more about them visit the Free Agents myspace page. Read the rest here

Stand Out Joints

You Niggas Know is a hot joint. Even though the “N” word is being abolished, I’m not mad at them for that. I hope this is an original joint, because I love it. Even though they all held it down, T.R.I.G. came off on this beat.

What You Wanna Do Feat. Tupac was done over an classic beat (I guess what song) with a legendary from beyond the grave. I’m really not a fan of signed artist making songs with Tupac knowing he probably would never do a track with them. But independent artist have to try and play with different things, so I’m not mad. Plus the song didn’t sound and to be honest they didn’t even need him in it.

We Ain’t Hidin’ Feat. Swanny Riverz is another song where I hope it’s an original song. This song represents DE where they are from and it featured Swanny Riverz. I don’t know who he is but I want to hear more from him.

Blow Feat. Angel is a cool play off of the song Ya Yo on the Scarface and the one Cam’Ron did. Everybody raps about drugs and how they sold drugs, but I like this song. And the vocals on this track belong to Angel Demar, who had the hit song “Who Run This”.

As I Ride showed another side of the group. Using the beat from When A Women Fed Up (R Kelly and Sparkle) these dudes tell serious stories of their realities. Like a mother being addicted to the pipe, knowing their death is coming soon, trapped in the drug game. Even though a lot of rappers and people are living these lives, it’s real.

If you listen to this mixtape you’ll get a better understanding of what the Free Agents are representing. When the powers at be move the rap game to another region and they reach Delaware, you will be hearing Free Agent name. It’s rare that you hear group of three rappers and say i like all of them. They all have three distinctive voices, styles, and flows and they definitely makes them different.

Get the mixtape here

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  1. chuckyboy Says:
    March 26th, 2007 at 7:48 pm

    I just wanted to say thanks for all the positive comments bout our mixtape. be on the look out for my mix cd called the devils hostage. oh yeah check this out

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