Second To None – Hiroller

Second 2

01. Intro
02. Second To None
03. I’m Back
04. Hiroller Speaks
05. They Them We Us
06. Big Dreamer
07. Testify
08. I Know Why
09. If
10. Beast
11. Gina
12. On My Way Home
13. Voices of the People Feat. Ill Suni Blaq
14. Imaginary Freestyle
15. Show You
16. Fuck Off Pt.2
17. Cashed In
18. Hollywood Honey
19. Think it over
20. Assistance???
21. 99 Bottles
22. I Bin Cheatin
23. Hiroller Speaks On Hip Hop
24. Hip Hop Is Dead ?
25. Outro

Hiroller comes back with his new installment Second To None. This time around Hiroller gets out the Delorean and stays with us present date. This mixtape is Hiroller solidifying himself as one of the few emcees in Rap that are real rappers, not oppurtunists. Take a trip your self by downloading the CD here. Here’s the critical breakdown…

Roller uses Curtis Mayfield’s “Makings of you on the Intro. He welcomes fans and newcomers to take a ride with a real emcee. “I won’t shoot you on every verse, these are the makings of me”.

Little did we know his producer Ray-Tracks was setting us up by playing the original. Second to None features the Curtis Mayfield chopped crazy. Hiroller releases venom over this track. Proclaiming that there’s only number one, I’m prone to believe it is him when I hear this one.

I’m back is Hiroller letting the streets know theres a new CD out. Even though he’s been spitting for so long he’s new to some. But as far as he’s concerned he’s the Vet and the rest are rookies.

Hiroller speaks is him addressing misconceptions about his Rap name and what it refers to. Honestly I thought it was spelled Hi-Roller at first too.

On They Them We Us he bring Anthony Hamilton’s voice to blend with the lyrics for a musical marriage. Always reppin’ Pocket Change he promotes his team first and foremost. He tells a tale of a young dude who’s mis-guided by the streets and growing up in a broken home. The streets ended up being his demise, a story too familiar.

Big Dreamer takes a sample of Diamond In The Back PCE style and flips it. Hiroller takes you back to his pre-adolescent days with dreams of Fame and Success. He talks of Christmas being short changed not getting everthing like his friends and frustration made him pick up the pen. The second verse had a young Hiroller in the streets eyes open wide to everything. Learning the ways of the world and focused on making it in the rap game.

He takes Common’s Testity and makes it his own. Taking the stand and spitting Bravado about how lyrical he is and how lame they are. This song is cool and the lyrics are there but I can’t help think about the original track.

He straight sticks up Little Brother and makes this track a Pocket Change recording. This time he’s aiming at the ladies. I Know Why is Roller’ talking about how ladies got there guards up for various reasons whether it be Gold Digging, Carpet Munching, etc. Song is cool though, not one of my favorites though.

Now Mike Jones “Back Then” was a guilty pleasure of mine. Hiroller’s If tells the world what would become of him if his ribs were touching. A man with few options would turn to the street to stay alive.

Beast has a crazy hook and beat. Trumpets and Rollers’ lyrics warn you about what would happen if you push him to the limit. I like this one cause it’s totally original. Real New York Rap Shit.

Gina tells the story of the one that got away but fell to the ills of the world. Chasing a drug dealer who kept her laced and looked past his negative ways. Accidentally taking his life she feels her only option is to take hers. The next verse tells the tale of a woman who was once his but they were both too young to have a child and now have different lives. The last verse is about a young woman who gets abused by her boyfriend. Three stories in one, this song is cool.

On My Way Home uses Gil Scott’s song to talk about the down side of the urban city. This track has a single verse about the tale of a woman who’s caught up chasing men for fast cars, fast money, and the fast life.

Ill Suni Blaq makes a guest appearance again on Voices of The People. He lays it down but at times you can hear his breath run out. Hiroller on the other hand is focused. He paints a picture of a project apartment in any ghetto usa. A broken home full of broken dreams. Growing up unfortunate not being able to fit in due to lack of financial stability. He also tells tales of children growing up too fast whether its murder or sex. Suni Blaq comes back this time correct but the track calls for Roller. He changes his flow up and still paints like Picaso. A young woman raised the right way but fell for the type of guy her mom tried her best to keep from.

The Imaginary freestyle is bitter sweet to me. I find it very creative but Hov blacked out on this so I co sign this one.

I gotta say the same for Show You. Hiroller does an interpolation of Jay’s “Show You How To Do This Son”. It different cause I haven’t heard anyone do this but I still rock with the Hov’s own. I see it as a way of paying homage though and the flow is there.

If you had “Change The Game Back” you’d be familiar with Fuck Off. On Fuck Off Part 2 he changes the flow and takes it a different way. Still undecided on this one.

Cashed In is cool but it didn’t stick to my ribs. I’m more of a Roller fan when the tracks are high energy. Thats when he zone’s out and take it to that level.

Holly Wood Honey speaks of a lady who tries to advance o the top whatever way she can. By chasing her dreams on some by any means necessary she gets caught up in drugs and spirals into despair.

Think It Over has three tales of situations that went one way but could’ve gone another. All three tales are on point and i’m feeling the Peersonile track.

Assistance??? pays homage to the train. The ever loving group of dudes who take turn banging some chick .I myself don’t like to share so I cant relate. If you’re into taking turns then you’ll like this track mos def.

My favorite track on Second To None is this. 99 Bottles is ready for radio play minus the cursing. The track sounds distorted as if you’re drunk and this is what it sounds like. A tipsy Hiroller goes to the bar to order another round of Goose…no ice course. A tale of a night out getting drunk and skating off with a freak for the night. The ills of liquor and what can occur when under the influence. The hook is fire and the verses are tough. A standout track for sure.

I Bin Cheatin takes Tony Yayo’s track and flips it. Tales of infidelity accompany this beat about how hard it is to be monogamous. This shit is hot cause he’s having fun with the beat and it shows. I recommend this one for sure.

Hiroller Speaks on Hip Hop about where the game is at and what we need to do to change it. Hip Hop aint dead…it’s Hurtin’

He takes it one more time on Hip Hop is Dead? with an old school vibe. Sounds like this one belonged on “Change The Game Back”. He goes into dumb out mode and attacks this one.

He bring Curtis back for the Outro. Hiroller takes a bow and thanks everyone who believes in the movement.

I really believe Hiroller is one the next emcees. I see hes a student of the game and the culture and loves it truly. Although this one didn’t move me the way his previous effort did it could be me showing my age.Some of the production reminded me too much of the other track whether good or bad. You should be the judge of that. I can’t wait for the next one.

4 Responses to “Second To None – Hiroller”

  1. Korean Slap Boxer Says:
    March 18th, 2007 at 9:56 am

    Dude is nice i’m feeling this CD…well digital audio file!!!!

  2. Bullet bullet Says:
    March 19th, 2007 at 1:03 pm

    Yea this is a cool CD…. but his last one was very hot i would say better then this one. Stay on your shit roller.

  3. bibi Says:
    March 22nd, 2007 at 9:26 am

    the album is hot, simply put. you can definitely hear/feel the confidence and maturity in content & flow on Roller’s sophmore joint. i think a lot folks got caught up in the nostalgia of “change da game back” (which i loved). instead of following up with an album full of trends and songs hot for a day, he brought in the way that inspires the basis for “change da game”. come 2012 imma still wanna blast “99 bottles” among others and im sure some yung whippersnappers are gonna try to take back to 2007.

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