Young Chris, You’re Hired!

Hired Gun

01. Intro
02. Hired Gun (Produced by DJ Noodles)
03. Take It Back
04. We Don’t Give A Fuck – Featuring Neef, Murda Ma$e
05. Coming Of Age
06. Talk Of The City
07. Young Chris Speaks
08. Things I’ve Done In Life – Featuring Jr. Reid
09. Crack – Featuring Neef
10. Fuck U Think This Is (Noodles Mix) – Featuring Peedi Crakk
11. Invincible – Featuring Neef
12. Young Chris Speaks
13. Original Gangstas – Featuring Freeway, Beanie Sigel, M.O.P., Peedi Crakk, Neef, Pooda Brown
14. North Philly Nigga
15. Niggaz Want Me Dead
16. Stay Strapped
17. Down Low – Featuring Freeway
18. Place Yourself In My Shoes
19. Check
20. Classic Verse Outro

The Young Gunz have always been my dudes, since day one they have put out fire. From them being on other artists’ albums to their own joints. I think Young Chris has always been the better of the two from the people and themselves. Neef has always been known as the lazy one in the group, but he his moments in the sun. For example, Tough Luv feat. Denim. Neef came off on that song as he was addressing some deep rooted issues. But for Young Chris, he teamed up DJ Noodle (Shadyville affiliate) to release his solo mixtape “Hired Gun”. This mixtape is to get you ready for his upcoming solo album Now or Never, set to release Summer 2007.

The Intro uses an audio clip from Training Day, when Denzel’s character is setting up for the big job, then it goes into Hired Gun. This track is produced by DJ Noodle, and seems like it would be the first single if this was a real album. The track has a rock theme with a lot of sound effects in the background.

Take It Back sounds exactly like that, an ode to the old school. Chris flows with the mindset of Beans or Freeway from back in the day, where the beat changes back and forth, no chorus and he just keeps going.

We Don’t Give A Fuck featuring Neef & Murda Ma$e is same way as the track before but his partner in crime (Neef Buck) and Pastor Murda Ma$e. First I’ll address Neef Buck, I’m just glad to hear him on her early, that way there is no reason to think there is drama between them. And he also held his own. Now, for Pastor Murda Ma$e, shot yourself you hypocrite! Sorry, I know that was nice but it is the truth and I definitely don’t want to go to hell. Because he will be there rapping that hypocritical noise in my ear. Who cares!

Coming Of Age is maybe a way for him to explain how he has grown up and he used the original Coming of Age beat. Thanks, Big Homie!

I like Talk Of The City, it reminded me of Peedi’s Flipside. A real party track, the hook uses a piece from Milk is chillin’…you know the rest. Hot track, this could go on the album.

Things I’ve Done In Life featuring Jr. Reid is a hot track, the collab was a great choose. Now that Game has opened the door, a lot more artist will be teaming up with Jr. Reid. Akon replaced Nate Dogg and now Jr. Reid could be replacing Akon. Watch your back! This track I can also see on his album.

On the next track, Crack, they back to the formula of being YG:
• Hot beat
• Young Chris
• Neef Buck
• And subject they both have a good knowledge of (DRUGS)

Fuck U Think This Is (Noodles Mix) featuring Peedi Crakk was Peedi hook sampling a Biggie line over the Ballin’ beat. Peedi also layed down a verse, but the reall is the real story is Noodle’s mix. My dude went in on the Ballin’ beat which is already hot but he made it even with the Biggie and Peedi blend. 2 black fist up for that!

Invincible featuring Neef, true mixtape track with the both of the YG’s going in on an old Alchemist beat. For some reason now Neef sounds focused, which is a great thing, because if they come out with another album people will respect and understand them both a little better.

Every album was that one song which is the grand pumba of them all, and Original Gangstas featuring Freeway, Beanie Sigel, M.O.P., Peedi Crakk, Neef, Pooda Brown is it. I’m a fan of songs, where there is no hook but just rappers going right after each other in continuous fashion. The beat was sick and the situation perfectly. The surprise of the song was M.O.P. and that cause of what they said but just to hear them on the track at all. This is by far my favorite tack on the mixtape, with Hired Gun behind it.

North Philly Nigga was ode to the place Chris calls home. They have always talked about North Philly on both albums.

Niggaz Want Me Dead, another mixtape song. Chris rapping over the Young Buck beat.

You gotta reach hell, to get paradise, too true! Just a line from the Stay Strapped song.

Down Low featuring Freeway, is their version of T.I.’s Top back. Freeway is a funny dude, he said he has on his True Religions and don’t make put on the Dickies. Let me find out the Acks are stylin’ on dudes. LOL! You know I had to get that in there. Those Ackbars, you gotta watch them.

There was three more tracks but you can judge for yourself. My hush puppies were burning in the oven, so I had to stop. But aor a solo mixtape Young Chris did good, and I’m looking forward to the solo album. If he sticks to the same blueprint, he will be alright.

Oh before I forget, here is the link to download the mixtape.

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  1. cashmere Says:
    March 15th, 2007 at 8:36 am


    Chris is hot.

  2. Briinx Says:
    March 16th, 2007 at 5:12 pm

    Chris can be the next big thing and luckily for rap he’s not stepping on anyone’s toes just yet.

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