8 Ball & MJG – Ridin’ High

Ridin' High

01. Intro
02. Relax and Take Notes Feat. Notorious BIG and Project Pat
03. Ridin High
04. Turn up da Bump
05. Cruisin Feat. 36 Mafia and Slim of 112
06. What you Gonna do Feat. Pimp C
07. 30 rocks Feat. Diddy
08. Blowjob int
09. Hickory Dickory Dock
10. Runnin out of Bud Feat. Killer Mike
11. Clap on Feat. Yung Joc
12. Alcohol Pussy and Weed
13. Pimpin int
14. Pimpin don’t fail me now Feat. Juvenile and Jazze Pha
15. Worldwide
16. Take it off Feat. Poo Bear
17. Memphis
18. Get low
19. Stand up

I remember when my dude CIA put me onto to 8 Ball and MJG in High School. I was open when I got Lyrics of A Pimp. Tales of hustling, and Making Easy Money Pimping Hoes In Style made a young adolescent and true fan of Southern Rap. The later albums were still strong even though Suave House was going through label turmoil. “Pimp Harder” was one of my favorite tracks back in the day. I didn’t even know what they were talking bout but the line Pimp Tight was definitely a part of my vocabulary. A few years ago Puff made the aquisition of the dynamic duo from Memphis and made them Bad Boys. The first effort was well received although I noticed they took the Crunk route production wise. It was a different move for the two but I wasn’t mad. Neway, let’s get into the album.

Puff does the Intro stating that 8 Ball & MJG are living legends. Is it just me or didn’t the last album go by that title. Either he’s good at drilling stuff in your head or someone sent in the wrong master.

Relax And Take Notes was clearly a Puff move. Using B.I.G.’s voice from Dead Wrong this song was a good choice for the first single. Both 8 Ball & MJG’s verses were hot but Project Pat took that track over. If you’re a fan of Project Peezy then you will not be disappointed.

The title track Ridin’ High is cool but nothing special. They should’ve picked another title track if you asked me. Maybe the closer track but we’ll get to that.

The album takes a turn for the better with Turn up da Bump. The infectious beat makes me wish I had an ounce of weed, a Caddillac ESV on 44′s (Tryin’ to push em’ but they aint made them yet….right B.I.G.) and sound system that’ll get me arrested. Song is hot…period. Can’t co-sign the drug use on the track though. Souther dudes are too cool with mufuckas doing coke and lean. I Love New York

Cruisin features 112 and Three Six Mafia….so what this track is useless. It has a interpolation of Usher’s “Nice And Slow”. They fuck up such a good sample.

“Been around the world but I still like local head” are one of the memorable lines in What you Gonna Do. Texas’ own Pimp C makes a lyrical cameo on this one. Bragging about his jewelry he makes this track ehhhhhhhhhhh….

30 Rocks features the Boss Diddy. This track is hot for buggin’ out. It sounds kinda unfinished for some reason. Maybe I should go back and uhhh…nah let’s keep it moving. I’m starting to get sick of the screwed and chopped hooks…how bout’ you?

The Blow Job interlude is mad funny. MJG gets some “Boppo!!!” so good he starts shouting out things he’s buy for her.If you don’t know what Boppo is then you need to GET FAMILIAR. It’s definitely worth a listen.

They actually have a song titled Hickory Dickory Dock…are you kidding me.

Killer Mike helps revive my thoughts on Running Out of Bud. MJG’s verse is forgettable and so is 8 Ball’s but Killer Mike tries his best to save it.

Yung Joc makes a guest appearance on Clap On. This track sounds like it was cut from Yung Joc City. This isn’t the 8 Ball and MJG I know but what do I know, right?

A group of child support case pending, alcoholic, 3 strikers shout Alcohol, Pussy and Weed. Beat sounds like s Scott Storch throwaway.

The Pimpin interlude has a Pimp going through issues with one of his employees. I makes a segway into Pimpin don’t fail me now (I like Mike Jones verion called Dick Dont Fail Me Now). Jazze “I Got Jacked In L.A.” Pha makes a cameo singing the hook but the star on this was Juvenile. He lends his lyrics to this one to remind us that he’s still alive.

Worldwide is just noisy…period. Beat is cool though but not for this track.

Take it off featuring Poo Bear is sure to give women nightmares of 8 Ball seducing them.

The track Memphis pays homage to there hometown. Am I the only one who knew they were from Memphis along time ago???

Get Low is another filler.

On Stand Up the duo make a sneak slap at the east coast. I know were very judge mental about the lyrical content that comes from down under but lets be real. The hook goes “South N*ggas Stand Up, Weak N*ggas Man Up, Fuck These N*ggas Thats Don’t Show Us No Love”. Now who could they be talking about. Even Chamillionaire admitted there’s not many lyrical emcees down south. I like the track though.

Long Story short I was disappointed. If I paid for this album I’d be upset. This isn’t the space age pimps from Tennesse that I grew to love as a youth. Maybe they would’ve been better off signed somewhere else. It seems that since they made the Puff move the musical style has changed. I’m not saying it’s bad but it doesn’t fit. and that’s my two cents Goddamnit!!!

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  1. cashmere Says:
    March 14th, 2007 at 1:24 am

    I love Ball & G! Holler. Nah, son, actually, I didn’t listen to the whole album yet. But do you know this shit has been out for a year? Puff is a master, slave master that is. WTF is he doing on the intro? If I was them alcohol, weed and pussy southern boys, I’d ask that Harlem shaking fool why the fuck he won’t put no time, money, energy in us? Seriously, Relax and Take Note is CRAZY. But Puff don’t believe. Joc album is wack, Danity Kane album is Wack, Cassie album is wack. So lets say this album is wack, they def got that one bangin’ ass single! But can’t get on the radio. Time to get back in the fields.

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