To Catch A COPredator!!!

Check out this creep from NBC’s “To Catch A Predator” show. Even the Po Po like a little young meat in there life. But this dude came strapped!!!

Daily B.S. 3/12/07

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Peep this mixtape for B.I.G. by Mick Boogie and Terry Urban. A mashup Frank would’ve been proud of. Click on the image above to download

Creep Watch: A mechanic, who loves to have sex with cars. Watch your back Audi!

Snoop arrested again this time in Sweden, hope it aint Coke again cause that aint cool

My dude BOOM had this coloring book a couple years back, now they’re trying to blacklist it…Hip Hop under fire as usual

Oprah running a concentration camp…more at Concrete Loop

Foxy trying to get locked up to revamp her career indeed

So yea, I had my iTUNES on random and here comes The Big Tymers track “#1 Stunna”. This track clearly shows there’s some Homo Erotic Tension over at Cash Money Records. In an earlier post the industry was buzzing about the Birdman and his House Boy Lil’ Wayne kissing. On the second verse at 1:45 Baby says and I quote: “I Like to Fuck Em’ in the ass while he beats up the pussy”. What!?!?!?!, this dude is clearly talking about nuts touching. I can see why Juvenile bailed out. Don’t believe me, then listen for yourself

Rich Boy – How Many Rappers Got a track called “What It Do”

Rich Boy

01. The Madness
02. Role Models Feat. David Banner & Attitude
03. Boy Looka Here
04. Throw Some D’s Feat. Polow Da Don
05. What It Do Feat. Cutty
06. Good Things Feat. Polow Da Don and Keri
07. Hustla Ball Gangsta Mack
08. Touch That Ass
09. On The Regular
10. Gangsta’ Feat. Mark Twain
11. Get To Poppin
12. And I Love You Feat. Big Boi & Pastor Troy
13. Lost Girls Feat. Keri & Rock City
14. Ghetto Rich Feat. John Legend
15. Let’s Get This Paper
16. Throw Some D’s (Remix) Feat. Andre 3000, Jim Jones, Nelly, Murphy Lee & The Game

I’m tired of Rappers thinking that production is gonna save them. Granted, it’s 50% of the track but that doesn’t meant you can bombard my ears with fuckery. This dude rich boy who resembles one of them characters from the movie Mac & Me basically put down the beat machine and picked up the mic. On his debut self titled album Rich Boy covers the basic criteria any flash in the pan southern rapper will do the first time around. Super producer Polow Da Don (Black Eyed Peas in house phenom) covers most of the production while Needlz and Lil’ Jon cover the rest. When it comes to the musical side of the album your 808′s will definitely go to use. Back to the lyrics, this dude basically sucks…he only serves as a simpleton who accompanies hot ass beats. His drawl tries to cover the simplicity he spews but it doesn’t succeed. I would only recommend you spend 5 dollars on the bootleg just to take the truck out for a spin when you’re down south cruising and you want that bass to get the attention of some freak….as if the truck couldn’t do that already.

G Dep Part 2

The recently released G Dep is trying to continue his subpar rap career. Good Luck! Oh yeah, I think you lost ur spot to Yung Joc, sorry my dude, times have changed.