Too Gangsta For T.V. – Earthquake Camp


1. Trust Nobody
2. The Movie
3. Bk Anthem
4. Nothing To Spas
5. G.A.
6. Earthquake Camp
7. Thriller
8. All We Got
9. Flow Sick
10. I’m Not Braggin
11. Where Brooklyn At
12. We Bang
13. Go Hard
14. Why Not
15. My Life Style
16. Dark Sh*T
17. Freestyle
18. Hustle
19. Spit It Out
20. Flip
21. Freestyle By Demo
22. Thief’s Theme

It comes a time when someone has to stand up and object the bullshit in rap. why is it that nearly every rapper pushing a CD is Superman. Factoid people: serving time in prison doesn’t mean you’re tough, it means you got caught. The Earthquake Camp is a perfect example of what I can’t stand with our community.

It’s to the point where i’m not going to do a critical breakdown for this one. Every track is just continuous ways of how you can get killed. At least do it creatively. If New York had as many criminals in the street as they do on wax we’d have a state of emergency.

I’m mad i’m giving this mixtape coverage at all but I cant be biased. DJ Absolut cosigns these dudes so I gave it a listen. Im starting to think the cosign was a bag of crack money. In closing, fuck it!

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