Consequence – F*ck A 9 to 5!!!


1. Job Song
2. Don’t Forget Em
3. Uptown
4. The Good, the Bad, the Ugly Feat. Kanye West
5. Night, Night
6. Pretty Sexy Little Mama
7. On Break (Skit)
8. Feel this Way Feat. John Legend
9. Callin’ Me
10. Disperse Feat. GLC & Really Doe
11. Yo Dex! (Skit)
12. Uncle Rahiem
13. Grammy Family Feat. DJ Khaled, Kanye West, & John Legend
14. Good News, Bad News (Skit)
15. Who Knew My Luck Would Change?

Who knew Consequence’s album would be on my heavy rotation list. I figured I’d be on Sean Price cruise control til’ all the big releases came out later this year. Kanye West and G.O.O.D. music presents Consequence’s Dont Quit Your Day Job is one of the best albums I’ve heard since The College Dropout. With production from The Louis Vuitton Don and appearances from John Legend, GLC & others this albums almost seamless.

The albums theme driven like Kanye’s LP’s. Its inspirational to someone who although has dreams to be successful, rich, and famous is stuck in a 9 to 5 that would hinder those dreams to be fulfilled.

On the intro Job Song Con spits about everyday ills that we go through as bad credit and dead end jobs. The frustration of knowing your meant for greater things but you current state is a dead end job. Song is ill but definetly just a warm up.

Dont forget Em addresses what happens after you blow. Fam, Friends and even Foes telling you to keep them in mind. Sounds like a Ye’ inspired track. Cool Vibe to it.

On Uptown Consequence comes hard (Pause) on this one. A lyrical tale of a day in the life of consequence making moves to pick up a freak, and some Yubba Yubba. He’s clearly married to this track. His flow fits seamlessly with the bass and hi hats. This is clearly a Hip Hop quotable right here…you listening Source.

A classic to my fellow illegal downloaders. The Good, The Bad, The Ugly is a musical masterpiece. Classic Kanye rhythms accompany three verses of different view of the subject matter. Gotta give props to Mr. West for keeping B.I.G. alive in the hook. Song is fire!

Night Night
is a Hip Hoppers track. The awkward beat brings the words ti life. Con warns pussy bwoys on trying him. Now I myself aint scared of dude but this track is on point none the less.

Pretty Little Sexy Mama is cool but a skipper to me. It uses the same sample Remy Ma and Ne*Yo used. I feel there marriage was much better than this one. Moving right along….

The On Break skit is funny. Consequence even spitsa little rap in there thats cool.

Feel This Way features John Legend lending his vocals and lyricism. Yea you read right, Mr. Save Room is spittin’. A tale of an woman that puts you through stress always accuses you of cheating, etc. Not really deep on the subject matter but this collabo is ill especially with the surprise that John Legend raps..Nice Touch. This one’s definitely a single.

The lead single Callin’ Me is okay. A song full of bravado and clever word play. Wouldn’t be my choice for a first single but I aint got no Grammys.

Disperse is an ode to the jump off, the woman willing to let the team take a swing at it. One of the celebrated subjects of Hip Hop, the train. Me myself I like my poontang all to myself, not down with the Homo Eroticisms. None the less this song has a cool cruise vibe reminiscent of Tribe in there hey day.

Yo Dex (skit) sets you up for Uncle Rahiem. This tale is about the knuckle head older uncle that still treats you like he runs shit even though it aint’ the old days anymore. Consequence paints a vivid picture of an Ol’ Head that can’t get right and he’s stuck with the choice of wanting to push his uncle’s wig back kiiiiiiiid.

Grammy Family is a star studded affair. Kanye digs deep (one makes you think he would’ve saved this one for himself) giving Consequence one of the illest tracks I’ve heard in a while. Sucks that he has to share this single with DJ Khaled’s Listennn album. This should’ve been his first single cause we all knew Khaled joint was gonna brick.

The Good News, Bad News (skit) has Con breaking the news to his Mom that he quit his job to follow his dream. This is def something one can relate to when deciding to follow there dream.

The closing track Who Knew My Luck Would Change? kinda has a feel similar to last call on The College Dropout. Here he shows one’s capable of following there dreams and making if they believe (and go hard people, no genies or wishing wells out here) they can.

In closing this LP caught me off guard. I didn’t believe for a second Consequence would have that crack that’s missing in HIP HOP. Maybe there’s still hope for this music I grew up on. Maybe the decline in sales is bringing the best out of some, not all but it’s a start. I read in the XXL John Monopoly wasn’t really trying to get behind this album. Goes to show you that just cause your in the industry, that don’t mean you know shit. He did get behind Kidz In The Hall though…Ha!

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  1. Dallas Says:
    March 6th, 2007 at 8:50 pm

    Good shit. I saw dude at a CMJ event a couple of years ago. MF Grimm was in the building too. I like Cons style and I’m glad that he was able to get his joint out.

  2. NativeAmericanIndianX Says:
    March 8th, 2007 at 7:42 am

    One thing i know for sure is gettin a job in Chi-town is out the question. If you let the rap artists from there tell it, their college education and subsequent employment opportunties leave much to be desired. Thanx G.O.O.D Music for the headsup!

  3. Mike Says:
    March 13th, 2007 at 6:43 pm


  4. Consequence - Uncle Raheim - Pardon Me Duke Says:
    August 27th, 2007 at 5:49 am

    [...] Another one of those OnSmash world premieres. This is one of my favorite joints off Don’t Quit You Day Job. A tale of a bum ass uncle, you know the type. Gotta love the cameo from DMC. Another hot video from director Rik Cordero. [...]

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