Daily B.S. 3/30/07

RocaFella singer Rell arrested for trafficing drugs.

Baseball player sentenced to 14 years in prison.

Youngbloodz sue for $50 Million Dooollllaaarrrsss!

Watch USDA TV, yes Jezzy Vision. “AAA!!!”

Ray Jizzle enjoying the greenery

The million dollar man Ray J here making a different kind of home movie. This time with Snoop Dogg and Shorty Mack (Who?!?!?) to there song “Smoking Smoking Weed”. Ray J is definitely one the industries most successful weed carriers….Enjoy

Daily B.S. 3/26/07

Today marks the 12th anniversary of Eric “Eazy E” Wright’s passing. He pioneered gangsta rap and set the trend for what we know as West Coast rap today. Through out today we’ll take a trip down memory lane and reminisce about the dude that was the original King of Compton. Let’s get into some gangsta sh*y with “Real Compton City G’s”. And not todays news…

So Tony Yayo got arrested for hemming up Jimmy Henchmen’s son…what a dick, and to think I was a fan

Atlanta based rapper DJ Yola shot in the face in car jacking attempt

Thug Life Army
remembers Eazy E today

Gats got to poppin in Bean town last night

Hallelujah Holla Back!!!

After coming up short on the White Rapper Show, John Brown the famous leader of the Ghetto Revival has a music video. In my opinion all them white emcees were corny and they should have been eliminated. And now John Brown is following suit with corny video and song to match called Dead Serious.

“Piano Man” Video – Scott Storch Diss

Timbaland finally responds to Scott Storch’s diss with his new artist Doe. Song is cool but the video is very luke warm. I know this week was slow but were gonna turn it up next week…enjoy

Sexual Chocolate!!!

I came across this on somebody’s myspace page and I had to post it. This is Eddie Murphy comedic genius at it’s best. “That boy good!”

Throwback Thursdays – “What They Do” The Roots

I remember Rap City had this video in heavy rotation when BET wasn’t a part of the machine 100%. Black Thought and his brothers poked fun at the music videos that played alongside theres. Charles Stone (Director of Paid in Full) did this video before moving onto to greener pastures in the movie biz. Enjoy

Hot Dollar Steps To Daz

First of all, who the hell is Hot Dollar and why is Daz backing away from him. And this Hot Dollar character had Guerilla Black co-signing the situation. I thought Daz was this big Crip what’s good, he let this dude from LA (Louisiana, that is) sneak attack and punk him. Comedy!

O.J. Is Killing ‘Em…

O.J. Mayo that is! He received a technical foul and was thrown out of the game for tossing the ball off the backboard, dunking it, then throwing it into the stands… And he got one hell of an ovation. This is a G in the making!

Lloyd’s Second Job

Cleveland Lloyd

Rumors have it that The Inc’s Lloyd has a second job. When he is not making music and touring the high seas, he doubles as the Cleveland Indians’ mascot.