Kidz In The Hall – Go Back To Class

Kidz Cover

1. Hustler’s Intro
2. Ritalin
3. Wassup Jo’
4. Wheelz Fall Off (’06 Til)
5. Ms. Juanita
6. Cruise Control
7. Go Ill
8. Dumb*sS Tales
9. Don’t Stop
10. Move on Up Feat. Mike Payne
11. Hypocrite
12. Day by Day

Kidz in the hall is not your usual Hip Hop group. With this in mind the team played on this with there debut titled “School Was My Hustle”. Hailing from Chicago, Naledge and Double O team up old school style to bring you real Hip Hop. Managed by Kanye’s former manager John Monopoly, the two have come to give there spin.

The Hustler’s Intro shows the two home from college talking to a neighborhood hustler. He let’s them know that the school route is the right thing to do, a better hustle if you will. Before finishing he asks “Yall still fuck with that music shit?”.

Just Blaze provides an uncut track with Ritalin. Naledge proves he’s an emcess no doubt. Since this was my first time ever hearing this dude I had to run it back a few times. One of the standout songs on this album.

Wassup Jo is a proclamation of what’s going on in the Rap game and the change they will bring. Its a cool song but the marriage of the beat and lyrics doesn’t quite make for a Holy Matrimony.

Wheelz fall off sample’s ——–. The verses are cool but ive heard Kanye Spit better even on his off days. The hook seems as if the room was filled with yes men who agree so they can stay around and enjoy the leftover groupies. I call this background music.

On Ms. Juanita I catch myself not caring at all. By the time you finish reg the sentence this song is skipped.

Cruise Control sounds ummm….lemme use my words carefully, bland. I dont find anything memorable about this track. Naledge is waiting his lyrics over this beat. Sounds forced to me.

Go Ill sounds like a scrapped Lupe track. I know I sound like a hater but remember I was giving thw earlier tracks props.

Dumbass tales brings it back up a bit. Telling tales about selling work to college students on campus. The story is told well but I wont be running to me man like “Yo you heard that Kidz track?”.

The Shaft In Africa sample has been very popular this year and surprisingly Diddy’s version wasn’t the worst. Don’t Stop sounds okay at best (Damn Goat u hating hard) and thats with the Margarita in me.

Move On Up’s beat comes off fire. Loving the track this time around. Naledge provokes my haterade out my system. His talent shines throughout this track. You can clearly tell he felt this beat so he had to represent.

Hypocrite is also a good song. Taking on the topic of how dudes cheat but don’t want the same to happen to em. Delivery’s strong and song is put together well.

Day By Day is a cool closer. Not too ound o the beat but Naledge delivers none the less.

In closing I felt the direction and message the Duo were trying to send. The execution however didn’t come across the way I thought it would. But who am I, oh that right the consumer/Hip Hop student. I couldn’t see myself purchasing this one unless I was walking down Fulton and it was next to some other bootlegs. I feel the message that School is good but I felt that the “College Dropout” inspired me more to grind.

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