Big Fase gets K.O.’D

So the rumor ville is saying Game’s brother Big Fase of Brazil, formerly known as Black Wall Street gets knocked out by an OG for bringing Spider Loc to Cedar Block. Now pay attention at around 1:40 cause thats when it gets very interesting. Street credibility all fucked up!!!

World’s Biggest Dumbass.

If every criminal was like this dude, there would be no crime. But you do have to give this creep credit, because he kept trying no matter how many times he hurt himself. All I can say is, “What A Dumbass!”

Bigavelli TV!!!!

Check out this Max B. interview courtesy of OnSmash. This was clearly filmed last summer before the case and the Two million Dollar Bail. None the less it’s entertaining. Enjoy….And FREE MAX B

Part 2 Here

Tru Life Speaks

Tru Life airs out the Fake New York especially Jim Jones and The Bloods. “I Need New York To Be New York Again”

Props to Onsmash

Thowback Thursdays – “Put It On” Big L

I must’ve been on Acid last week. I didn’t put up anything thing for my dude Big L. Truly one of the best, sad that his life was cut short right before he signed to the Roc. A belated rest in peace my dude.

Fresh Out & Still Talking.

Fresh Out

Recently jailed during a police stakeout and drug seizure in Philadelphia, Gillie Da Kid was released on bail on Friday, February 16th. Fresh out of the pen, Gillie sounds off about the experience.

Watch the his first interview after being released.

Thank You, How Did You Know!

Cam just referred to Karlton Hines in his diss track Curtis to 50 Cent. Street stars the kings of the hood druglord stories did it again with the Karlton Hines story. This documentary is about sports and drugs, the hood favorite. I also wanted to see this story, especially after watching the Larry Davis story. And when I came across the whole documentary, I said, “Damn, I gotta spread this to the masses. So enjoy!

Props to OnSmash

Who Is Street Radio?

Street Radio

Street Radio is a combination of two styles and two people, Jimi Kendrix and J. Math. By combining classic hip-hop elements with live instrumentation, they are dedicated to making high quality street music that is approachable to a mass market. Read more here

They’ve got a joint on the new Bone Thug‘s album, three on the new Styles P‘s album and they are working on a mixtape. These two Brooklyn producers are working hard and here are three hot joints for your listening pleasure:

“Get Em Buck” (Street Radio Remix) Young Buck

“Hope” (Street Radio Remix) NaS

“Wheel Of Fortune” Papoose

Or Download

Check out their radio show online every Thursday @ 11pm on Each episode features the hottest joints from the streets and mixtapes including thier official Street Radio remixes.

Daily B.S. 2/15/07

Funny commercial for XBOX’s new Alient Vs. Predator game

Chrysler does another Valentines Day Massacre

Somebody poisoned Sanchez

Kanye’s Mad at the Grammys…Nothing New

Ballerina P got a bone to pick with NaS and Saigon…G-Unit got him feeling Brolick huh

Joe Rogan pulls Carlos Mencia’s card repeatedly. Props to Smartenupnas

Thowback Thursdays – “Hip Hop Hooray” Naughty By Nature

Had to bring this one out. Ninteen Naughty Three was one of my favorite albums from the early 90′s. Treach, Vin, and Kay Gee brought a different flavor reppin’ East Orange. Gotta love the end where Treach goes “Smooth It Out Now” and the beat rides out. This sh*t is hot!