Tru York City – Da Dips Is Ova!!!

Tru York Cover

1. Freestyle Intro (Jay-Z)
2. Gangsta Shit
3. If You Want To
4. Knives Like (feat. N.O.R.E.)
5. Get That Paper
6. Max B Phone Call Skit (Dipset Diss)
7. The Dips Is Ova (Dipset Diss)
8. Heartbeat (feat. Seven Dirty)
9. NY, LA (feat. Snoop Dogg)
10. In Dem Jeans (Dipset Diss)
11. Running Man Skit (Dipset Diss)
12. Doors Go Up
13. L.E.S. Freestyle
14. Scarface
15. Hip Hop 101 Gameshow Interlude (Dipset Diss)
16. My Life (feat. Memphis Bleek)
17. Family Portrait
18. I Hate Rap
19. Thank You
20. Tru Outro
21. Hustlin’ (Bonus) Global Gangstas
22. Tru Talk Skit
23. Tell Em I Did It (Bonus) Young Dre

When I got word that Hov was signing Tru Life last year I thought to myself this dude Jay is a real Chess Player. Not only did Tru pull cards offically (Peep Beef Pt.1) from Mobb Deep, but now he’s taken aim at the Dips. He drew first blood last year after the Puerto Rican Day parade at club —–. For the next couple of month’s Tru put out The New New York Mixtape. Although well recieved the streets wanted that fuel that would set Tru on fire. Tru York hosted by J Love is that mixtape.

From the Hov laced intro you already know your in for something special. Addressing rumors about Pun hitting him in the head with a bottle and floppin are squashed by his calmness. All Jay does is tell you this is Tru Life. No self promotion, he just wants you to feel his new signee.

On Gangsta Shit he takes a few subliminal jabs (Trust me these are the only subliminal ones) at Capo. He eventuallly gets blatant calling Hell Rell “A Dark skinned Craig Mack” and Jim Jones “Jimmy Neutron”. He continues spanking them through the track. He even tells Shiest Bub he’s gonna Ebay the chain he took from Un Casa.

On the Cool N Dre produced If You Want To, he flows effortlessly. Clearly an album track right here. He talks of how the Dips staged that they robbed him by taking pics of a chain in a jewelry store….how lame is that?

On Knives Like Tru gets NORE for that old thugged out sound. These two spit so ignant had to spell that word wrong. Sounds like N.O. finally left that Reggaeton behind and reimbraced his Hip Hop roots.

Get That Paper keeps the mixtape moving. It has a commercial feel but still holds lyrical substance. Tru spits he’s not trying to get that lyrical when tracks like “Chicken Noodle Soup” gets radio play.

Max B phone call skit is funny. Biggaveli pleads on the phone for Jimmy Neutron to bail him out. Jimmy continues screaming “Ballin!!!” and Max pleads saying he’ll write another hit. This shit is funny. Seems like this got to Jimmy Neutron cause after a month of half the “Baller” finally gonna bail out Biggavel.

Tru pays homage and slaughters in the same song with The Dips is Ova. He attacks the whole movement through this one. attacking there masculinity repeatedly you cant help but laugh. He attacks there street credibility. Calling JR Writer a fake Cam’Ron, sayin Cam getting outshined by his hype man (Jim). This one is gonna get played over and over and over. He even has a fake Cam rhyming at the end. This dude is getting at them like when 50 attacked Murder Inc.

Heart Beat has Tru spitting over the classis sample. He brags about his new found fame and taking a few famous chains. He also brags about letting his fans take pictures with the stolen chains. This track is strong, sounds like Ghetto Inmates is coming up fast.

Snoop blesses Tru on NY/LA. He tells tales of the tension at the source awards and how NY treated LA artists. At the end of the verse he forgives and forgets cause New York is the shit. Tru paints his view of LA from a New Yorker view. This track is definitely and album track, feeling this one.

In Them Jeans begins with a skit of Jimmy Neutron walking in heals and tight jeans. Tru samples Ginuwines track to take shots at the Dips for wearing tight pants and pink clothes. He goes ontaking shots about having so much Rhinestone covered clothes. “How you gonna sag ur jeans and they that tight”. This dude is really getting at these dudes, but I jest lets keep it moving.

Running Man is a skit where Tru talks about how good Jim Jones and Cam run. The track has various songs with Run playing in the background from Chris Brown, Rihanna, Ghostface, and others). And it’s not Cam’Ron it’s Cam-Run. LOL

Doors Go Up is straight fire. Neo Matrix is a sick ass producer. Proclaiming this is the Detox for the bullshit Hip Hop going on. He even mumbles over the track and its hot.

The L.E.S. freestyle is cool. The beat is dark which runs paralel to the feel of what he’s telling you.

Scarface shows Tru Life in cruise control. He bravado on this shows he’s comfortable in his own skin. Everything sounds like he’s telling you how he lives, not someone else.

The Hip Hop 101 Gameshow skit has a host asking questions about certain rappers. From Kissing each other, low album sales,getting robbed, to the tightest jeans. This shit is funny. Gotta see how dudes come back on this one.

Memphis Bleek makes a guest appearance (obviously a presidential decision I’m sure) on My Life. He doesn’t disappoint, his verse is actually very strong. Knowing the original had some heavyweights killing this Hi-Tek track, neither Emcee could flop on this one. Sounds like a real track, not a freestyle.

Lloyd lends his vocals to Family Portrait. Tru changes lanes and reflects about coming up disadvantaged. The pictures of poverty and pain are truly vivid enough for you to see his life by just closing your eyes.

On I Hate Rap he tell the tale from two views. The first is from an inmate in a cell writing to Tru basically telling him that he’s in jail because Hip Hop was the only teacher he had. Tru responds to the letter letting him know thats not the real reason for all the trouble we go through coming up in the inner cities. This song is cool, wish it had one more verse though.

Tru finishes the mixtape on Tru Outro with another ol’ skool throwback sample. He crushes the track as usual (you kinda get use to it after listening to this mixtape) and give props to everyone who inspired him and helped make him who he is today.

Closing I can’t front, there’s hope for New York with artists like Tru Life, Saigon, Sean Price that means theres hope for New York. Just wanna see what the Dip’s are gonna do to come back. Tru Life pulled cards lyrically assaulted them and shitted on them. Just hope these dudes keep it on wax.

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