Jesus Price Superstar Classic!!!!!

Sean Price Album Cover

1. Intro (Jesus Price)
2. Like You
3. P-Body
4. Cardiac
5. Stop
6. Violent
7. God
8. Oops Upside Your Head
9. Church
10. King Kong
11. One
12. You Already Know
13. Directors Cut
14. Let It Be Known
15. Hearing Aid
16. Mess You Made

For the past few weeks I’ve been on a hunt. while going through my favorite blogs I peeped Nahright giving light to a name I haven’t heard in a long time. Back in the days of my highschool youth NYC had many different kings. One kingdom was the Boot Camp Clik. Dru Ha, Buckshot, Cocoa B’z ( formerly known as Smif-N-Wessun), OGC, and Heltah Skeltah. This dynamic duo consisted of Rock and Ruck. After releasing the critically acclaimed “Nocturnal” the duo faded into obscurity and disappeared. They released a second LP with very lukewarm reviews. Due to bad business and the industry changing into a consumer driven debaucle the era of the BCC got lost somewhere in the shuffle. After watching a few interviews on youtube and my dude Zeps drilling into my head that “Monkey Bars” (his previous release) was fire i had to revisit my youth. so I went on safari. All my secret forums for albums either had the album, the download link got pulled or didn’t. So like the rest of the world I assumed I had to wait til’ the release date. Luckily my main connect came through (i’ll never tell) in the bottom of the 9th inning. Jesus Price Superstar consists of raw lyrical talent over classic Hip Hop beats. I close my eyes and remember the carhartt raw denim jean bleeding on a pair of timbs. Neway lets get into the album shall we.

The intro JESUS PRICE has an interpolation of B.I.G.’s who shot ya. Even though its quite known in the New York streets that Poppa once had beef with the BCC this shows no matter what real recognizes real. He goes onto flow freely over the rhythm doing something most emcees have forgotten…rhyme for the sake of it, not just claiming to be thug.

On Like You he brags over the infectious beat. He goes on to boldy tell you he sells verses for a G. The more I listen to this track my mind goes back to my youth. One confusing part is when Sean says “Wu Tang Clan aint nuthin to fuck wit, Boot Camp Clik aint nuthin to Wu Tang”. The track ends with excerpts from that crazy preacher on Youtube.

P Body is clearly the standout track screaming for a single. On this one Heltah Skeltah reunite to make a classic track. Rockness Monster lays down an infectious hook. 9th Wonder must’ve hid this track from Phonte and Pooh cause aint no emcee gonna pass on this one. Guaranteed to be in the PMD top twenty at the end of the year.

Cardiac features Buckshot, Rust Juxx, and Flood. Not sure which one is which on the Hook but dude voice is familiar to Pap just more gangsta. Buckshot rips verse taking me back to them “Enta Da Stage” days.

Stop is what i’d like to call Thoro Meditation. This track is strictly for head nodding. Lines like “Omar from the wire, you’s a homo thug” And “I love Allah but I act Christian” make this track humorous but lyrical. The most memorable bar is “I remember when DJ’s would check for a record, now they want a check for a record”. What I feel with this one is he rhymes the way emcees did before it became watered down, pasturized, and shit.

The 9th Wonder produced Violent has a bliss feel of children playing in a field of dandelions. The raw lyrics are the complete opposite. He starts the track by saying “I’m such faliure”. More free flowing on this one.

Sadat X makes a strong cameo on Da God. His standout voice is always lays down comical rhymes. I’m feeling this one.

On Oops, Smif-N-Wessun member Steele lends his lyrics on this one. Been a longtime since I heard him but he didn’t impress the Goat on this. Price was ill as usual. Slapping a Deejay who promised to play his record adds some humor to this one.

Church is another Banger. The hook is crazy, period. The Loudmouth Choir lend there vocals to scream out “Je-Sus Price!!!!”. Rock come throuh on this one taking over. With a bar like “These rookies aint ready for retardation in its realest form in rap os this street car racing” (Just get the album to hear this). He pushes this one way over the bar surely creating a demand for his solo joint. Big Ups to producer Tommy T, this shit is Fire!!!!!

On King Kong he murders the track. He uses various bars throughout the track to use one letter to command the bar. Example for you smart dum cats: Millionaire Monkeys, Microphone mix master…”.

Price goes through One using the adlib from the beat to end each verse. Its cool but not one of my favorites.

Skyzoo makes an appearance on You already Know laying down the hookerage. I cant front i’ve been told about this dude and passed on listening to his CD but imma have to give it a listen….and a review. Price verses on this one are still strong.

Directors Cut is a pretty short track. Price shoots out single bars then utters cut while the beat plays on. Seems like this one’s a filler track.

The 9th Wonder produced Let it be known features Phonte from Little Brother. Now I gotta say this, I dug the listening alot but I didn’t think Phonte did his thing on this one. Seems like Price did this as a favor to 9th for all the hot beats.

Chaundon of the Justus League saves us from the last track on Hearing Aid. They both rip this track making it a good tag team track. Diggin this one Fo Sho’.

Mess you Made is a tale of Rucks last couple of years in the rap game. Using his lyrics to show the downside of the game. Cant front, he drop some familiar jewels that I can relate to. Black McCloud lays the hook giving it an old school feel. With lines like “How you gon’ be broke and your last name Price” its definitely worth a listen.

While writing this review I missed my stop on the 2 train and missed my bus so I’m walking to the crib. But I don’t care cause the company of this album makes me zone out and enjoy some REAL HIP HOP ,music. Albums like this come along rarely especially now more than ever due to the powers that be. And at 25 i’ve come to realize my opinions that of an ol’ head. Are you kidding me…25 is old. well fuck it if coming from the era of hip hop that bread artists like Boot Camp, Biggie, The Wu and others then fuck it. Rather that than D4L.

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  1. Briinx Says:
    January 31st, 2007 at 11:19 pm

    Good review!

  2. R. Kelly's lawyer Says:
    February 7th, 2007 at 1:14 pm

    Good review.

    However, I have to disagree about the whole Phonte part. Lyrically he held is own and that song was one of the gems of the album.

  3. cashmere Says:
    February 12th, 2007 at 12:58 am

    I may need this on my ipod. Good, but long. : )

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