Really on some Whodini Sh*t this time…

Mos Def Tru3 Magic

1. True Magic
2. Undeniable
3. U R The One
4. Thug Is A Drug
5. Crime & Medicine
6. A Ha
7. Dollar Day
8. Napoleon Dynamite
9. There Is A Way
10. Sun, Moon, Stars
11. Murder Of A Teenage Life
12. Fake Bonanza
13. Perfect Timing
14. Lifetime

Now, we all know that Dante Smith aka Mos Def is one of the few real Hip Hoppers left. So it came as a surprise last year when I heard that he was planning on releasing a new LP in the 4th quater. What’s even crazier is that the album came out with no one knowing, not even the people. There was no radio spins, album promo drop, nothing. The labels reason for dropping the album was to compete with the leak. Everyone whos really on the net knows you can’t do nothing about that so they chose to try and beat the world wide web. I got the leak and decided to give it a listen. Now I know that “The New Danger” didn’t sit well with many Mos’ fans due to the Rock N Roll influence throughout. But fuck that, it was a classic. Moving right along….

True Magic, the intro track comes in with a bass heavy melodic beat. Effortlessly Mos flows over the track. A good way to warm fans up to the album. The Rich Harrison produced Undeniable is a cool club track, a nice way to catch a dub without the negative lyrics. On U R The One Mos goes into the topic of relationships. He talks about how love turns from sweet to sour. I can definitely relate to this song. Like my dude Castro says Love spelled backwards is EVOL!!! Neway, Thug Is A Drug is an okay track. Message is cool but it sounds like Mos just spit whatever. Crime and Medicine pays homage to GZA’s Liquid Swords, I cant fron ive been waiting for someone to cover this one.

A Ha is a throwaway beat, thats all I can really say bout’ that one. Dollar Day picks back up the pace with the UTP “Nolia Clap” beat. If you remember, Mos was arrested for performing this song on a portable stage infront of the VMA’s in New York last Year. My favorite line is “Where The F*ck Is Sir Bono and his famous friends now”…Church!!!! Napoleon Dynamite is pure fire from the lyrics, sample loops, and the acapella break in the track. Mos lends his singing ability to There Is A Way and brings it home. A song of hope for those born into the struggle. Sun, Moon, Stars reminds me of “Mr. Cool” in a way. Like one of them old records your parents would bump in the crib when your snot nose ass couldn’t go outside. On the Neptunes produced Murder of A Teenage Life he tells a tale of a kid in any ghetto USA caught up in the streets and losing his life is the price. The dark sounding track from the VA team is surprising. It goes perfectly with the lyrics and feel of the track. You’d think the Clipse would get sumn like this instead of fighting over Wamp Wamp.

With Fake Bonanza Mos takes shots at the Rap game (I Think) referring to the way these “Role Models” peddle negativity and fake mottos (All About The Benjamins) to the youth. The children take it as law and live out the Rapper tell tales. Real shit if you ask me. The self produced Perfect Timing has an eerie sound to it. He pays tribute to various fallen Hip Hop Legends and throughout the track. Sounds like a free flowing track but it fits to the vibe of Tru3 Magic. On Lifetime he lets the music guide his voice saying whatever comes from his soul, very melodic. Well all in all this is a good fix to hold us over til’ Blackstar drops (If ever but we can hope can we?).I wont say it is better than his two previous solo efforts but I will say its still MAgic none the less. I heard Mos is busy with some new moto nice and he’s not trying to let go. Do your thing my dude you are one of the few artists left in Hip Hop. I close out with a KRS-1 quote “Rap is something you do, Hip Hop is something you live” – One

3 Responses to “Really on some Whodini Sh*t this time…”

  1. Dallas Says:
    January 10th, 2007 at 9:25 pm

    you and I are some of the handful of cats that appreciated the New Danger. I thought it showed courage and range for a Hip-Hop artist to expand the box outside of just the boom bap.

    you got an .rar for that tru3 magic jawn?

  2. Pharmacy Wizard Says:
    February 4th, 2007 at 11:53 pm

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  3. Whodini FanSite Says:
    December 1st, 2007 at 6:07 pm

    Agreed Mos Def is a real hip hopper!

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