A Real G!

Ross Kemp

Ross Kemp is an English actor, well known for his portrayal of Grant Mitchell in the popular BBC1 soap opera, EastEnders. But now he is hosting a show called Ross Kemp on Gangs, where he traveling to different countries looking for the world’s most dangerous gangs. So far I have seen him go to El Salvador looking for MS 13, South Africa for the Numbers Gang, Russia for the Neo Nazis and our very own St. Louis for the Bloods & Crips. In these different places you will see and hear about some of the most vicious crimes in the world. In matter what Ross Kemp finds himself in the middle getting the story. Some of the situations and areas are sad and funny at the same time, but it also scary to know that in the society we live in now, these killers are around. Kemp reminds me of the dude from the tv show “The Shield”. This show is very interesting and we need something like this on american tv but you know we don’t have the balls international television has. But there is info on the show and Sky One channel, click here to see.

To see the shows he has done, read below and download.

Bloods & Crips (St. Louis)
Download Here

MS 13 (El Salvador)
Download Here

Numbers Gang (South Africa)
Download Here

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