Ross Kemp On Gangs (USA)

Ross Kemp

This is a show called Ross Kemp On Gangs and this episode highlights the dangerous streets of St. Louis. It’s on the Sky One (UK) which is their version of our Court TV. In this episode Kemp travels through the St. Louis area, where he meets a family of fallen gang member that was only 17. He spoke to the boy’s girlfriend/baby mother, his mother, and another member of the same gang. Then Kemp rides around with the gang unit police as they bust and harass the gangs. The police also educate Kemp on the different ways of the streets and gangs. Kemp also visits rival gangs in different areas and investigates the poor areas to see what’s causing the gang wars.
Later in the episode, Kemp gets a tip to visit a notorious gang spot. First, they made him wait, 3 hours later they didn’t show up because they suspected he was a cop. But then they changed their minds and Kemp was in. At this part of the show is when it becomes weird, because the Blood gang members had on Luchare mask and t-shirts cover their faces. They spoke for about 5 or 10 minutes, showing him drugs, how to make drugs and their weapons. They explained the street life while getting high. When he leaves one blood shows him their handshake. The last scene of the show is when Ross Kemp is talking with another blood who wants out.

This show is funny, interesting, and sad at the same time. If you really want to see this show, download here

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