Jezzy + Gangsta Grillz


01. Part 4
02. U Know What It Is Ft Shawty Redd
03. I Got What It Takes
04. J.E.E.Z.Y.
05. I Do This
06. I’m Tellin’ Ya Ft Lil Pewee
07. Sing Along
08. I Love It
09. Spaceships On Bankhead Ft Fabo
10. Keep It Movin
11. Jeezy Speaks
12. Child Of God [04:40]
13. What It Is(Bloodraw & Slick Pulla)
14. Grew Up A Screw
15. Lets Just Say
16. I’m A G Too(211 & Slick Pulla)
17. Don’t Ever Do That
18. Top Back Remix Ft Tip Bg Young Dro Big Kuntry
19. All I Need [03:24]
20. Get Right(Slick Pulla)
21. Inspiration Up Next
22. Who Got The Work

Fantasia New Album


Release Date: December 12, 2006
First Single: Hood Boy Feat. Big Boi

Ciara New Look


1. Promise
2. Make It Last Forever
3. Can’t Leave Him Alone
4. My Love
5. Do It
6. Get It Fit In
7. Love You Better
8. I Proceed
9. I’m Just Me
10. Like A Boy
11. Get Up

Arsenio Hall = Comedy

Having A Very Bad Day – video powered by Metacafe

Who says Arsenio Hall isn’t funny. I don’t know what this video is for but it is pure comedy. I would love to see Eddie pulls this off…


K FED Sex Tape

So his album is barely selling and his baby moms wants a divorce. So what does a “Pimp” do, hustle. K Fed is trying to sell a 4 hour sex tape of him and Britney to the highest bidder. Read more…

He Gave Me Herpes…

The Coz

This is a crazy story, and it is sad because it is a Black television icon. Bill Cosby please say it J-E-L-L-SO!!! Read more…