Revenge of The Goonie!!!!

Jim Jones

1. “Intro”
2. “So Harlem” (featuring Max B.)
3. “Bright Lights” (feat. Max B.)
4. “Emotionless” (featuring Juelz Santana)
5. “Reppin’ Time”
6. “Pin The Tail” (featuring Cam’ron, Juelz Santana & Max)
7. “Get It Poppin’” (featuring Jha Jha)
8. “We Fly High”
9. “Love of My Life” (featuring Avant)
10. “Weather Man” (featuring Stack Bundles & Lil Wayne)
11. “Don’t Push Me Away” (featuring Rell & Juelz Santana)
12. “Pour Way” (featuring Chamillionaire)
13. “Don’t Forget About Me” (featuring Hell Rell and Max B.)
14. “Sade Joint” (feat. Denise Weeks)
15. “My Life”
16. “Children of the Ghetto” (featuring Diddy, Max B., & Yung Joc)

The Capo of Dipset is back with P.O.M.E. (Product Of My Environment) and with these tracks and the kind of deal he has I feel he will be Ballllllllllin!!! I’m sure he can do 200,000 to 300,000 real soon before the buzz die out. Now if you know the kind of deal he has, please do the math. Personally I’m a person that listens to mixtapes as well as albums and several tracks on the album have been spread out on his last 3 mixtapes so it only left me wanting more. If you own “The Seven Day Theory” & “MOB? you already heard 3 tracks on this album.

This album is filled with several catchy hooks by new member Max B… “Free Max B!? Intro featuring Max B takes you into the life of Jim Jones before and during rap. So Harlem featuring Max B is pretty much how the Dipset Crew reps his home town of Harlem. Max B sounds lazy on the hook but it works well on this track. Bright Lights, Big City featuring Max B, has a familiar beat that Jim rhymed over before (if you watch hood DVD’s), also the sample was used on a old Jay-z track (just to give you dudes a lil history ). You should be able to figure it out. Juelz Santana joins Capo on Emotionless which is a solid track, which has a hard beat and Juelz comes off on this one. Jones uses a few classic 2Pac lines but what’s new like Capo said, “A Thug changes and love changes and since 9/11 the price of drugs changes?.

The tempo of the album flows straight into Reppin’ Time (which is the 2nd track on his first video). Pin The Tail featuring Cam’ron, Juelz and Max B, is the 2nd single on the album, its a cool track but as a single I’ll pass. The follow up after a strong 1st single was not there. I didn’t care for the bounce track Get It Poppin featuring Jha Jha and Princess. So I listened to it once so I would never have to hear it again. The album picked up once again with the club banger We fly High, after I played that twice Jim and Max B slowed it down on Love Of My Life. Max B is not an R&B singer but some people might get use to the track (Real Recognize Real). After skipping a senseless skit, Weatherman featuring Lil’ Wayne & Stack Bundles is a cool track, Wayne kills it on this one but I swore someone already made it rain and Wayne was on the track.

Don’t Push Me features Rell, the beat is actually hot but who would have thought these two dudes would do a track together. Rell does a good job on it which makes it a decent track. Pour Wax featuring Hell Rell is a track Rell saved but the hook could have been better. After a guest appearance from Freeky Zekey on a skit, Don’t Forget About Me has a great hook by no one but Max B. “We wont stop we destine to blow I’m gonna take my niggas and bitches where every I gooooooooooo”. This will definitely be played in several vehicles across town even though its been heard for months. I Know featuring Santana is a track that has no hook but instead has several testimonials from people who are or have been incarcerated. As I listened to the track, I got a 2pac feel but My Life is where Jim decided to sound like Pac’s cousin, I guess you can say it’s the best way to pay homage. Concrete Jungle featuring Max B, Rell, Dr. Ben Chavis, and NOE is the last and deepest track on the album.

The album has it’s strong points but I’m not sure if P.O.M.E. would get Capo the recognition he is looking for as an artist but I would say its getting better. This mixtape album just didn’t push me enough neither did the artwork, but I would still knock to a few tracks.

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