The Blue Carpet Treatment – Snoop Dogg


1. “Think About It”
2. “Vato” Feat. B-Real
3. “Candy” Feat. Tha Dogg Pound, MC Eiht, Goldie Loc & E-40
4. “That’s The S**t” Feat. R. Kelly
5. “Special” Feat. Brandy & Pharrell Williams
6. “Do It”
7. “L.A. Zoo”
8. “Gang Banging 101″ Feat. The Game
9. “Imagine” Feat. Dr. Dre
10. “I Need A Light”
11. “How To Talk with God” Feat. Stevie Wonder
12. “Let It Rain” Feat. Pimp C
13. “Bounce” Feat. Too $hort & Will.I.Am
14. “Put This Thing On You” Feat. Ne-Yo
15. “Real Talk”
16. “My Peoples”

The Doggfather, Big Boss Dogg, Snoop D-O double etc, yeah him… Snoop Doggy Dogg oh yeah… just Snoop Dogg. Yeah he has a new album dropping Entitled The Blue Carpet Treatment. This if you haven’t any knowledge of gang culture is a reference to the California gang the Crips (a menacing bunch they are) whose favorite color is blue; thus the title of Snoop’s album because he is affiliated with this gang (of riff raff). Well Snoop’s last album was the slept-on R&G: Rhythm & Gangster, which featured primary production by the Neptunes. The album had some bangers with arguably the biggest song of 2005 “Drop it like it’s Hot? featuring Pharrell, which put Snoop over the top within the realm of Pop music.

2006 brings us The Blue Carpet Treatment another banger from Snoop Dogg. What the album is missing in lyrical skill Snoop makes up for by providing a lot of game (a lot pimping to keep your bitches in check- Real Talk!) and humorous lyrics like “…stuff this work in the crotch of your drawls…? There are some good messages in their as well like where he raps on “Get Rich? “… I don’t wear no big ol’ gold chains/ I’d rather get a house a horse or a plane…).

A lot of the album tracks rely heavily on mid to late eighties samples that The Neptunes tend to rely on; which Snoop works like no other rapper out. The album begins with a thumping drumbeat that allows Snoop to spit that “Real talk? where he takes the opportunity to address one of the original founders of the Crips street gang- Tookie Williams’s execution by the state of California. There are some really good guests appearances from the likes of, Trina, Guerilla Black (whom I assume everyone hates because he sounds like Biggie, but you got to admit dude raps better than a lot of them down south artists, but, I digress…), Ice Cube who has a cold-hearted pimpin’ verse on “Gotta Lotta That?, Will.I.Am (don’t sleep he did the beat and the track thumps), Too Short, Pharrell (this joint is smooth as shit and it’s also on Skate-bored P’s album-definite single!), 2pac (track is a little boring), The Dogg Pound, Ray-J on “Smokin’ Smokin’ weed? (yeah… I don’t know how he got on the album either; though the song uses the beat from Ray-J’s “What I need? track is an indicator), Slim Thugg (why Pharrell continues to push this lame on us I don’t know) and of course E-40 (who has actually managed to get on other artists of substances tracks) just to name a few. “Runnin’ yo mouth? featuring Notorious BIG, Fabolous, Nate Dogg, Foxy Brown, and Busta Rhymes seems a little out of place only in that other than Nate Dogg all of the artist on the track are from Brooklyn. The song is like an ode to Brooklyn but, a good track nonetheless.

The Blue Carpet Treatment is a testament to Snoop’s ability to keep himself relevant in a world full of cookie –cutter “hard-core, hip-pop, drug-lord gangsters turned rappers.? Groovy, danceable, hardcore, above average lyrics, gangster and of course stone cold pimpin’ is what describes this album. You’ll be listening to this album for a while, pure entertainment. Briinx

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  1. Buckets Says:
    November 8th, 2006 at 9:03 am

    Yea i feel the same about the album…

  2. S-scrilla Says:
    November 8th, 2006 at 4:54 pm

    Good review!!! Brinx your a genius!

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