Aries Is A G!

You probably have already seen Aries Spears do this before, but if you haven’t enjoy. While you are listening, close your eyes and you will think LL Cool J, Jay-Z, and DMX are really there. Aries Spears is the man!!!

Mad Money, Mad Dead Bodies…

I first saw the trailer to this flick while reading Bol’s blog. This is arguably the best movie of the year. Cocaine Cowboys chronicles the lives of several people through the hey day of the cocaine era in Miami Florida. Peep the trailer for the movie, review will follow!

The Blue Carpet Treatment – Snoop Dogg


1. “Think About It”
2. “Vato” Feat. B-Real
3. “Candy” Feat. Tha Dogg Pound, MC Eiht, Goldie Loc & E-40
4. “That’s The S**t” Feat. R. Kelly
5. “Special” Feat. Brandy & Pharrell Williams
6. “Do It”
7. “L.A. Zoo”
8. “Gang Banging 101″ Feat. The Game
9. “Imagine” Feat. Dr. Dre
10. “I Need A Light”
11. “How To Talk with God” Feat. Stevie Wonder
12. “Let It Rain” Feat. Pimp C
13. “Bounce” Feat. Too $hort & Will.I.Am
14. “Put This Thing On You” Feat. Ne-Yo
15. “Real Talk”
16. “My Peoples”

The Doggfather, Big Boss Dogg, Snoop D-O double etc, yeah him… Snoop Doggy Dogg oh yeah… just Snoop Dogg. Yeah he has a new album dropping Entitled The Blue Carpet Treatment. This if you haven’t any knowledge of gang culture is a reference to the California gang the Crips (a menacing bunch they are) whose favorite color is blue; thus the title of Snoop’s album because he is affiliated with this gang (of riff raff). Read the rest of this entry »