Couldn’t Be Me…

NY & Pumpkin

I could’ve sworn that Pumpkin from Flava Of Love spit on the now 2 time loser New York. If anybody would have tryed to spit on me, they would never see the light of day, let alone me kissing them on those same lips. Even though I know the show is fake, this takes it to another level. For now on I’m watching the show for the freaks, and New York is still a loser. She should come on the show again and become a the new 3 time of loser of realty tv.

One Response to “Couldn’t Be Me…”

  1. Briinx Says:
    November 9th, 2006 at 11:18 pm

    Damn… the black man is obsolete! I applaud her though, this negro degenerate is grindin’, what are you doing? Get off yo ass nigger. Let’s see how many niggas run with that. Briinx is on the brink.

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