Doc’s Advocate – West Coast Redemption

The Game

1. “Lookin’ At You”
2. “Da Sh**”
3. “It’s Okay/One Blood”
4. “Compton” (featuring Will.I.Am)
5. “Remedy”
6. “Let’s Ride”
7. “Too Much” (featuring Nate Dogg)
8. “Wouldn’t Get Far” (featuring Kanye West)
9. “Scream On” (featuring Swizz Beatz)
10. “One Night”
11. “Doctor’s Advocate” (featuring Busta Rhymes)
12. “Ol’ English”
13. “California Vacation” (featuring Snoop Dogg & Xzibit)
14. “Bang” (featuring Kurupt & Daz)
15. “Around The World” (featuring Jamie Foxx)
16. “Why You Hate The Game” (featuring NaS)

Now I was very curious at what direction Chuck Taylor would take this time around. Now that Dr. Dre wasn’t allowed to play with him because of the Gooch (Curtis Jackson that is). Most people even myself doubted The Game’s chance to knock one out the park again. Not to mention the pressure of G-Unit’s influence and signing a new deal worth 50 million. Failure was definitely not an option this time around and The Game didn’t.

Doctor’s Advocate is a tribute to the new West Coast. From the beginning you can tell that even though the Good Doc wasn’t there his spirit certainly was. On Lookin At You Game makes it clear this time he’s going for a west coast flow. Even Game’s voice eerily sounds like Dre throughout this track. Da Sh** uses an excerpt from the movie “Tales From The Hood”. This song is cool minus the name dropping and mentions of magazines he probably name dropped a million times before.

The lead single One Blood was tailored for Game by Brooklyn producer Reefa. Using Junior Reid vocals from the original song a powerful street/Blood anthem was born. Will.I.Am’s Compton is a surprise monster standout on this album. The infectious beat matched with Game’s lyrics and shows that they both haven’t lost there feel for the street. Game even warns other emcees about dropping albums this winter (ooooooo). He keeps calling himself the King of the West Coast, anyone ever heard of Calvin Broadus ? Remedy, produced by Just Blaze doesn’t compare to Church For The thugs on his previous effort. Its a cool song but that’s it.

The second single Let’s Ride is your typical West coast track. When I say typical I don’t mean it in a bad way. It’s just what it is, low rider talk, weed, women, L.A., yadda yadda yadda. It’s funny that it’s also called strip club. Wouldn’t Get Far is a funny tune, an ode to video vixens that hoe around. It’s blessed by a K.West beat and verse. Kanye Outshines Game on this track but overall a good song. One Night speaks on Game’s internal beef with his family and homeboys from Compton. He even complains about spending 1.5 million on his crew. Now i’m no mathematician and I’m not saying Game had to drop that bread, but whats 1.5 million divided by 40 dudes. Doctor’s Advocate sounds kinda like a plea to Dre. to dump 50 and come back. I fux with it though its a good track. Suprisingly Busta made a guest appearance on this one. I guess the G-Unit influence doesn’t go everywhere.

Ol’ English produced by Hi-Tek paints a vivid picture of tales of OG’s in Game’s Life. The way he works the last bar into the hook is cool too. Cali Vacation features none other that the King of Cali, Snoop Dogg. The Dogg Father laces this track letting you know that sh** aint sweet out there. Xzibit also drop a verse on this one….eh. Alot of name dropping from him so I can’t really tell you what he said. All I can remember was a few years ago Snoop played him in a track saying “I’m not Xzibit you can’t pull my whole card”. On Why You Hate The Game, NaS makes a cameo on this Just Blaze produced track. Game’s verses actually outshine NaS’ but this track is still strong on both efforts.

In closing all I can say is i’m impressed and it’s worth the purchase. I didn’t know if he could’ve done it without the guidance. I guess he was paying closer attention than people thought. Your turn 50, what you gonna do?

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  1. Briinx Says:
    November 9th, 2006 at 11:28 pm

    I fucks with the Game, the homey is a little confused and directionless at times but the kid puts forth effort. Who can’t appreciate a little effort? Plus he’s got a swagger about him. When he says hes better than a lot of these niggers I think he actually believes it as opposed to just saying it because it’s cool to say it. When was the last time a rap nigger came into the game going hard? The Game is going hard, and again if he was that bad, we wouldn’t be talking about him.

    This leads me to say this; Fabolous… Brooklyn & rap needs you to step ypur game up. Move like a boss. The End BBBRRRRiiiiiiiiNNNNNNxxxxxxxxxx signing out.

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