Fresh Single Of The Week: Walk It Out Remix

Dj Unk

Now I wasn’t really a fan of the original song, it sounded like a South artist with a new dance, blah blah blah. But when I heard the remix, I became a fan. I don’t know who idea it was to combine Andre 3000, yes Mr. 3000 from Outkast and Jim “One Eye Willie” Jones from Dipset, but it was genius. Andre 3000′s flow was kind of weird at first but that is nothing new from him. Pay close attention because I think he is talking about a group or a person, I think it is the Franchize Boyz but I could be wrong. Somebody let me what you think! Then DJ Unk lays down a verse, nothing crazy though. After, Capo reps the North Bird Gang style.

Overall it is a good song, you try to “Walk It Out” the remix way.

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