Don’t Let The Freckles Fool You…

Freck Billionaire

Who is Freck Billionaire? Good question, well here is the answer… A young upstart rapper from West Philly, who has been through a lot and wants to tell the world. With the help of his manager Jice, he has a mixtape hosted by DJ Clue called “A Fist Full Of Dollars” and the co-sign of Fab, yes “Fabolouso”. With his street hit “Cook It”, this dude is looking to take the crown of Philly. He has accomplished a lot in his young life and looking to control the rap game. If you want to know more about Freck Billionaire, watch this documentary about him. And for a bonus the “Cook It” video is at the end. Enjoy!

Visit the Freck Billionaire Website

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