Capo Wants Sickamore’s Koofi !!!!!

Sickamore Jim Jones

Seems like Sickamore’s ruffled the Birdgangs feathers. Capo Jim Jones stated to Sohh that he wasn’t feeling a recent blog where Sickamore compared G-Unit to The Yankees and Diplomats to The Mets. He gones on further to say “Hmmmmm, screw Sickamore. I’ll slap the shit out of Sickamore. That’s how I feel about his analogy. I’ll go in his office and choke him out in my building, smell me?”. “He lucky I ain’t beat the shit out of him around the elevators when we passed him by one day in the office. But I can’t violate my contract cause I’m an executive up there. He better watch his little skinny ass though. I’ll put a whole foot in his ass. That’s the only thing that’s keeping that boy afloat. That little contract.” Looks like this one might me handed down to the Goonies since Jones has some legal parameters he can’t cross at the moment. I can guess Sickamore would say “Dat Nah Right“.

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  1. Korean Slapboxer Says:
    October 27th, 2006 at 12:07 pm

    Now i’m not taking side but didn’t the Mets do better than the Yankees the last two years ?

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