Single Of the Week: Gayme Over!!!

Gayme Over

Ras-Kass ripped “Gayme”, I mean Game, a whole new asshole with this one. Ras attacked everything from his facial butterfly tattoo now covered by the LA logo to audio of Game saying that Ras-Kass was his homeboy. Line after line was verbal insults to everything Game stands for and has worked for. The beat was hot and he was on point, it’s been a minute since I’ve said that about Ras-Kass. One line he called Game the gay dude from The revenge of The Nerds. Another hot part was in the middle of the track the audio stops and you hear the audio from the Change Of Heart where the girl disses Game, then at the end of the track again the beat stops and they end the track with the theme music from Change Of Heart. And they have this funny ass picture making fun of his first album cover. If Game is going to retaliate then he needs to come hard or go home.
Listen to yourself!

I’ll be back next week with another FRESH track for you to enjoy.

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