John Legend…Easy Lisnin’ Perfection

Hey J Legend

1. Save Room
2. Heaven
3. Stereo
4. Show Me
5. Each Day Gets Better
6. P.D.A. (We Just Don’t Care)
7. Slow Dance
8. Again
9. Maxine
10. Where Did My Baby Go
12. Another Again
13. Coming Home

Grammy Award winner John Legend didn’t impress me the first time around. His singles (“Used To Love U” + “Ordinary People”) were strong but, “Get Lifted” barely gave me a buzz. On his sophomore effort John takes a different direction musically. The feel of the album is a lot less forced. Now that he’s already proven his vocal talents he now frees himself to make melodical songs. On “Save Room” he makes you feel as if it’s 1967, you’re with that special some one sipping on a T&T’s wearing oversized aviators. This song will guarantee him a spot on the Vegas strip well into his golden years. The Gabor Szabo’s sample and John’s Voice go hand in hand making this a pleasant intro to any album. On “Stereo” he talks about a woman who’s infatuated with materialistic things and the men who posses them. On “Each Days Gets Better” he sings of a heart that’s filled with love. This is straight Sunday afternoon picnic music. Grams to the lil tikes can enjoy this song together. “P.D.A./We Just Care” tells tales of a carefree couple who are so in love that the existence of others is an afterthought. The Stevie Wonder sample (“All I Do”) doesn’t hurt either. The album winds down without a misstep. This is meant to be enjoyed by people of all races, ages, and musical tastes

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