Bumboclaat…It’s Buju

Buju cover

1. Your Night Tonight
2. Try Offa Yah
3. Nothing
4. Too Bad
5. Waistline
6. Jig
7. Me & Ounu
8. ‘Til It Bend
9. Hey Boy
10. Go Slow
11. Driver A
12. Girl U Know
13. Lonely Night
14. Who Have It
15. Better Day Coming
16. Don & Dupes Featuring Pinchers
17. Fast Lane

Buju Banton is an icon in the Jamaican music scene since the early nineties. From his debut “Mr. Mention” Buju dominated the dancehall scene. After a passing of a close friend he turned to the culture side of Reggae following the footsteps of Bob Marley with “Til’ Shiloh”. On his 7th LP Buju finds himself utilizing both sides of the genre. On “Try Offa You” (I Want To Have Sex With You) Buju brings back his original style over intense production. With the lead single “Too Bad” he commands the ladies to move. “Driver” is a tale about a weed delivery throughout the streets of Brooklyn. On “girl You Know” he gives praises to his woman that stays faithful even when she knows his infidelities. The arrangement of classic rhythms and Buju’s words make this album a certified classic.

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