Change The Game Back – Hiroller

Roller Cover

1. Hiroller Speaks
2. Can’t a damn thing stop me
3.The Score
4. Tellin Myself
5. U Heard Me
6. Married To Tha Game
7. Check You
8. Fuck Off
9. Front Door
10. Back In Da Day Feat. iLL Suni BlaQ
11. Chill
12. Halftime
13. PCE Interlude
14. Find Me Feat. Analyze, MECH
15. First Week
16. On…
17. Appeal ta da Masses
18. Tricks in 06′ Feat. MECH™, Bucky
19. Don’t Care
20. Tuck Ya Chain In
21. New York
22. Interlude
23. Just Begun to Live

Everyday I come across new music. From major releases, independent labels, and unsigned artists. Most of the time the “New Jacks” don’t impress me. Until I came across this particular mixtape. Flatbush Brooklyn, breeding ground of artists such as Busta Rhymes, Full Force, Papoose, Little Shawn. Now comes Hiroller, a member of Pocket Change Entertainment. He brings this new mixtape “Change The Game Back”. Usually i’m not into unsigned artists rhyming over beats by majors for the main reason that they dont try to take over the track. On “The Score” Hiroller uses the Souls of Mischief Sample reflects about his childhood. His story telling ability paints vivid images of growing up in Brooklyn in the early nineties. “Married To The Game” shows Roller’s ability to change flows effortlessly. On “Find Me”, he gives you a view into his life working a regular nine to five trying to stay legit while struggling to make something out of himself. On the closing track “Just Begun To Live” he speaks of growing up poverty stricken but loving life regardless. “Coming out of V.I.M., Pat Ewing got Sneakers he New York , lets buy them”. That line touches home to any New York coming up in the days of Ewing and the Knicks. This mixtape definetly had thought behind it. No sixteen bars assaults over known beats. He took those tracks and made them his own. And like he says “no swagger jackin’ anytime”.

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