Rotten Apple Indeed

Rot Cover

1. Rotten Apple Feat. 50 Cent
2. Survival
3. Playboy 2
4. Cake Feat. 50 Cent
5. Make a Move
6. Hands Up Feat. 50 Cent
7. Help Feat. Keri Hilson
8. Addicted Feat. Musiq (Soulchild)
9. You Know the Deal
10. Get Clapped Feat. Mobb Deep
11. Stranger
12. Change
13. NY NY Feat. Tony Yayo
14. One Night Stand
15. Iceman Feat. 8Ball, , Young Buck
16. Gilmore’s

I was really hoping Blue Hefner didn’t get the sophomore jinx. As most of you already know, Lloyd Banks got leaked over a year ago. Rumor has it that a groupie he was messing with had two cd’s he left behind. After failed attempts of trying to get him the cd’s the songs were sold and the streets had “The Big Withdrawl”. There was so much fire in that disc that a homerun was almost undeniable. Fear of low album sales a bunch of new songs were recorded. Bank proclaimed that he had no doubt that “Rotten Apple” would top “The Hunger For More”. The 50 fueled intro lacked the energy of the Tony Yayo fueled “Aint No Click” on the first album, strike 1. The second track survival did pick up some but was thwarted by “Playboy 2″. There was no reason to release such a weak sequel to such a strong song. “Cake” is a great G-Unit money Gun toting single…I can’t fron I love that ignorant sh*t at times so it was well received. “Make A Move” is surely a skipper and though “Hands Up” is a great party track, i’ve heard it a million times already. On help you can clearly tell this is his “Grown and Sexy” track. F*ckin Yawn if you ask me. “Addicted” featuring Musq Soulchild is a cool Mash Up. Never thought these two would gel but it did. On “NY, NY” Tony Yayo clearly outshines Banks with his flow. With bars like “I air your house out like a can of Febreeze, addess” and “Mad hyped like a crack baby” you know im getting my full of Niggerdom on this track. Young Buck takes the attention away on “Iceman” cleary showing that this track was more tailored for him. The track closer “Gilmore’s” has such a playful beat but the lyrics don’t go with the beat. Clearly this album was rushed and not thought out well.Instead of going back to the drawing board again Banks tried to use the same formula for his sophmore effort. One thing he didnt take into consideration is that he’s in a different place in his life now so maybe you have to re- evaluate how you should lay it down. There’s also whispers at really poor first week sales (Even worse than Lupe’s Fiasco). Maybe the Unit should’ve stuck to there guns and released the original tracks. One good thing will come from this…A new album from Fif!

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