Morris Brown would be proud

Idle Cover

1. Intro
2. Mighty ‘O’
3. Peaches
4. Idlewild Blue
5. Infatuation (Interlude)
6. N2U
7. Morris Brown
8. Chronomentrophobia
9. The Train
10. Life Is Like A Musical
11. No Bootleg DVDs
12. Hollywood Divorce
13. Zora (Interlude)
14. Call The Law
15. Bamboo & Cross (Interlude)
16. BuggFace
17. Makes No Sense At All
18. In Your Dreams
19. PJ & Rooster
20. Mutron Angel
21. Greatest Show On Earth
22. You’re Beautiful
23. When I Look In Your Eyes
24. Dyin’ To Live
25. A Bad Note
The Greatest Rap Group of All Time… No explanation needed.
This is a soundtrack album, which features music that ties into their unsuccessful movie of the same name. Idlewild the Movie opened to lukewarm reviews and even worst ticket sales. This album is the follow-up to their enormously successful “Speakerboxx/The Love Below” album, which featured the most heard song of 2003 “Hey Ya!”. A hard act to follow yes for any other group but not much for the super group Outkast. The album starts with “Mighty O” which isn’t breaking any new ground but a cool track nonetheless. “Morris Brown” is Outkast (though this song only features Big Boi and newcomer Scar) at it’s best, a funky track that allows Big Boi to ride the beat. There’s “N2U” that features Big Boi (alone once again) rapping about the virtues of not being in a monogamous relationship. Snoop Dogg & Lil Wayne guest on “Hollywood Divorce” which seemingly is out of their realm of comfort but, the song is a lyrical monster from all parties involved. Andre 3000 gets “weird, eclectic, different etc.” on “Makes No Sense at All” & “Chronomentrophobia”. Despite Andre’s expressing his displeasure for music after their last full length album, the Idlewild soundtrack still displays Andre’s knack for consistency. Any fan of music better yet good music should definitely cop this album. Outkast aren’t exactly conventional hip-hop when you look at what’s out there but that’s no excuse for not opening your mind to the past, present and future of music as a whole. Definitely not there best work but a great piece to keep us interested in music.

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