Lupe’s Fiasco

Lupe cover

1. Intro
2. Real
3. Just Might Be OK
4. Kick, Push
5. I Gotcha
6. Instrumental
7. He Say She Say
8. Sunshine
9. Daydreamin’ Feat. Jill Scott
10. Cool
11. Hurt Me Soul
12. Pressure Feat. Jay-Z
13. American Terrorist
14. Emperor’s Soundtrack
15. Kick, Push II
16. Outro

The Savior of the Skaterboarders is here and he has something to say, but what are you trying to tell us. Lupe is good, don’t get it twisted but this album is in the middle of bootleging and buying it. These artist need to really work to get my dollar, and his other mixtapes (Fahrenheit 1/15 Part I & Part II) are way better. Kick Push was a great introduction but it also opened the flood gates for all the other Lupes of the world. In the streets, there are millions of cookie cutout versions of him, and that’s good for him but bad for us. It makes me sick, they need to get an identity!!! His second single, I Gotcha was cool too, but he didn’t have to put it out as a single. But Daydreamin’ w/Jill Scott was perfect! Real w/ Sarah Green is a favorite of mine, the beat and Sarah Green just touch my soul. And I can’t talk about this album without talking about Pressure w/ Jay-Z. One Take Hov blessed his little homie, and the song is a hit. When I listen to the song, I feel like I’m at the Grand Canyon with Lupe & Jay-Z, chillin’. Good trip! Lupe does have thing about him where he get political without getting political ie American Terrorist & Kick Push II (which was a waste of time).
The album is descent but it could be a whole lot better especial with all his hype. But he is FRESH though.

One Response to “Lupe’s Fiasco”

  1. NeverNervous Says:
    October 16th, 2006 at 8:40 pm

    Lupe, Lupe! I like Lupe and what he is doing but he has just opened up the flood gates to the revenge of the nerds. If you are from NYC like me, you’ll understand what I mean. Go to the SoHo area of the Manhattan, you will see a 1,000 other Lupes kick pushing around. It’s a sad world we live in, sad! There are some bangers on the album, but he is not the savior. Sorry!!!

    -So I’m going to Kick Push on outta here!

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