Lost His Mind

Pharrell cover

1. Can I Have It Like That – Feat. Gwen Stefani
2. How Does It Feel?
3. Raspy Shit
4. Best Friend
5. You Can Do It Too
6. Keep It Playa – Feat. Slim Thug
7. That Girl – Feat. Snoop Dogg
8. Angel
9. Young Girl/I Really Like You – Feat. Jay-Z
10. Take It Off (Dim the Lights)
11. Stay with Me
12. Baby
13. Our Father
14. Number One – Feat. Kanye West
15. Show You How to Hustle

Pharrell, Pharrell, Pharrell… This album is a prime example of when you (meaning Pharrell) believe the hype. Pharrell as we all know is one half of the ubiquitous superstar Neptunes production team as well as “fashion icon” (think disgusting multi colored sweatshirts and sneakers). Along with Chad Hugo they have created hits for the likes of Jay-Z, Britney Spears, Common, Justin Timberlake, Cee-Lo etc. With a history for making hits for others it was only a matter of time before he would try his hand at being a full-fledged artist. There was the teaser in 2003 “Frontin’” featuring Jay-which was a huge success. A side project or a hobby of his has him fronting an uber hip-hop punk rock band called N.E.R.D. They were met with moderate success but not much attention from mainstream audiences. This leads us to the “In MyMind” his first solo effort, which in all honesty does not lack effort but more so direction. That album is split between rapping and singing which can both be comical with lyrics like “take it off I’m a master baby with your bra…” The albums intro is the forced “Can I have it Like that” featuring Gwen Stefani which borders on mundane. He raps as hard as he can but, only succeeds in sounding like a kid in a high school talent show. Thanks to Snoop the best track on the album has to be “That Girl”. It’s an old school beat and Pharrell does his best rapper impression. On many occasions Pharrell admits to not considering himself a singer which we all could all agree to, though he still is able to carry enough of a tune to shine on pop tracks. “Stay with Me” featuring Pusha T isn’t hard on the ears with its danceable 80′s beat and Pusha’s gangster delivery it’s sure to get the freaks hot and bothered. All and all the album doesn’t live up to the hype. Pharrell should’ve have stayed in his lane and left his vocals for someone else’s chorus while letting someone a little more qualified handle the verse’s.

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